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Arafat versus Sharon and Bush

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is determined to remove Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat one day...Israel. They should also place monetary bounty on the heads of Ariel Sharon and his security cabinet. Harry Sellers, Hephzibah, Ga.
Ariel Sharon hangs on void created by the departure of Israeli troops. What his goodwill peace gesture got Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a former hardliner, was a wave of rocket attacks targeted at Israeli towns near the border. The attacks strengthened...
Believes Bush is the right leader for Mideast peace

...26 letter says George Bush is the wrong man for peace. I disagree. Mr. Edney says that (Israeli Prime Minister) Ariel Sharon is not a man of peace since he took military action to restrain Palestinian homicide bombers. Mr. Edney writes...
Sharon's election ends appeasement

...approach to the Mideast crisis. The Feb. 8 editorial said Ariel Sharon's election as prime minister was the "latest setback...wanted more. Even Mr. Barak finally had to say no. Ariel Sharon is a strong leader who appeases neither the Arabs nor...
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A 'soldier's peace'

...pulled out of the Gaza Strip Monday, marking the end of the Jewish state's 38-year presence there. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon risked creating huge divisions in his nation and his ruling Likud Party coalition by confronting tens of thousands of...
Bush the wrong man for peace

...President George W. Bush is not the man to help bring peace to the Middle East. One statement makes this so very clear: Ariel Sharon, said Mr. Bush, is a man of peace. If this is so, then Hitler was a man of tolerance and Napoleon was a pacifist...
Perdue will promote Georgia on trip to Israel

...strengths in high technology and biotech. During his weeklong stay, Mr. Perdue is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other senior Israeli government officials. He also will address two economic development seminars in Tel Aviv...
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World leaders express condolences after space shuttle Columbia tragedy

...around the world mourned the astronauts' deaths. Blair wrote letters to President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to "express the government's sadness and offer his condolences," his office said. The Columbia crew included the...
A failed mission?

...the Israelis and Palestinians to significantly tamp down their war, then who can? Aside from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's vague promises that he'll pull his troops out of a few major Palestinian towns in several days, Powell came up...
Violence begets violence

...cease to exist ... He who rises up to kill us, we will pre-empt and kill him first." - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon after a suicide bomber set off explosives at an Israeli pool hall, killing at least 15 and damaging hopes for Mideast...