Archaeologists find unusual ancient fresco in Rome

ROME -- Archaeologists have a delightful and puzzling...Italian newspapers reported. The archaeologists were working near Trajan's Baths...with dirt and appears damaged. Archaeologists are hoping when they clean it...

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Archaeologists say Chinese language is 4,800 years old

BEIJING -- Chinese archaeologists have confirmed that inscriptions...From the more than 20 drawings, archaeologists have deciphered seven Chinese...consulted on the find. Chinese archaeologists and historians have been under...

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Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old shoe

LONDON - Now this is an old shoe. Archaeologists said Tuesday they found a 2,000-year-old shoe hidden...nearly 12 inches long, suggesting its owner was male, archaeologists said. "These sort of things don't really survive at...

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Archaeologists hope to solve war mystery

Archaeologists returned to Magnolia Springs State Park this week to continue efforts...could locate entrances, access roads and other features of the camp. Archaeologists typically use the radar to get underground images that are loaded...

Archaeologists approve shot put in Ancient Olympia

ATHENS, Greece -- Archaeologists have approved a request by Olympic organizers to stage the shot put competitions at the site of the ancient games, the Culture...

Archaeologists may someday discover DoItYourselficus Man's ways

Several thousand years from now, when archaeologists are digging up the ground where my house stood, the first thing they might find when they peck away at the dirt will be my storm...

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Archaeologists find ancient Mayan tomb in southeast Mexico

...information about the Indian society in southeastern Mexico, archaeologists announced Wednesday. The tomb of Ak-Pakal-Tan, a name...or hieroglyphic cylinders," Armijo Torrijos, the head archaeologist at Comalcalco, told reporters. Researcher Gerardo Fernandez...

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Russian archaeologists find ancient treasure in Tuva grave in Siberia

MOSCOW -- Russian archaeologists found more than 1,000 pieces of gold and bronze jewelry and other items in a 5th-century B.C. grave in the southern Siberian...

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Civil War cannons to be pulled from SC river

COLUMBIA - Underwater archaeologists on Tuesday plan to lift three...places, said state underwater archaeologist James Spirek. "We expect a cocoon...Professor Jonathan Leader, the state archaeologist who is also working on the recovery...

Archaeologists help distinguish Mocama group

...ceremonies. Among those mounds, archaeologists have found scattered treasures: tiny...south Georgia and north Florida. Archaeologists, though, say those who lived along...colleague, Keith Ashley, are among the archaeologists who have been working to learn more...