Everything I know about Greece I learned in the ninth grade

...leaned on many times since to weave a tale. The Trojan War. The excavation of the buried city of Troy millennia later by archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. (I told you Mrs. Dykes was a good teacher!)We studied Greek architecture: the Parthenon, the...

Archaeologist wanted fame at any cost

...upon the face of Agamenmon," German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann wired a newspaper...days after the businessman-turned-archaeologist claimed to have excavated one of the...classical studies, accused the German archaeologist of faking several important so-called...

Life & style
Ga. names state archaeologist

...veteran scientist becomes the state archaeologist, the Department of Natural Resources...Thursday.Bryan Tucker, the deputy archaeologist for the last two years, moved into...Division.State law gives the state archaeologist responsibility over publicly-owned...

Archaeologist looks to unlock mysteries of Ramses II tomb

...Egypt -- Since announcing the discovery of a sprawling tomb for the sons of Pharaoh Ramses II two years ago, American archaeologist Kent Weeks has dug through tons of rubble to uncover 108 rooms. He thinks he'll find many more in the digging season...

Things to Do
Man unearths history of Bath paper, textile mill

...Con fed erate money and newspapers across the South were made there, said George Wingard, a University of South Carolina archaeologist who works at nearby Savannah River Site."They had to scrounge to print money for the Con fed eracy. Newspa pers had...

Georgia signers of Declaration of Independence honored at ceremony

...price on my head has just doubled," Hanby said."They were willing to bear that price for our freedom," he said.Archaeologist Daniel Battle said Georgia is the last of the original 13 states to make progress toward preserving its Revolutionary War...

Upcoming Calendar

...Augusta-Richmond county Public Library; based on the life of enslaved Edgefield, S.C., potter, David Drake; archaeologist George Wingard discussing Drake's life, the film and the pot discovered by Savannah River Archaeological Research Program...

Jamestown archaeologist consulted for movie

...English settlement, Kelso returned as an archaeologist and discovered evidence of the fort's...of the settlement, Kelso is chief archaeologist of the site and one of the experts...30 years, until he returned as an archaeologist to search for remains of the fort...

An archaeologist's dream

...And for those researchers, SRS is an archaeologist's dream. "This is a very diverse...with the research program. "As an archaeologist and as a researcher, the thing that...providing food to the chiefs, said archaeologist Adam King. A drought, Dr. King said...

XXX Technology
Archaeologist may make history with pottery discovered at river

...Previously, it was believed that the use of alkaline glaze died out in 1870," said Nick Nichols, an avocational archaeologist who discovered the jug on the South Carolina side of the river near the 13th Street Bridge. "This jug is dated 1908...