Apple Computer Inc. introduces new model

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple Computer Inc. unveiled what it called the world's first desktop supercomputer, its new G4 model for professionals, in an attempt to...

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Apple Computer makes OS X Server open source

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Steve Jobs delighted high-tech mavens and hackers Tuesday by making Apple Computer Inc. the first major computer company to release the programming secrets behind an operating system to software developers around...

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Apple Computer's futuristic new iMac goes on sale

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Apple Computer Inc.'s latest machine is certainly eye-catching, but the challenge is to catch computer buyers. With 150,000 advance orders...

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Apple Computer shares tumble after iMac delay

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Shares of Apple Computer Inc. fell more than 5 percent Friday, a day after the company announced a delay in the release of the next-generation iMac...

Apple Computer's enemies have reasons to save it

BOSTON - It was only days ago that high-tech industry leaders appeared to hover over Apple Computer Inc. like anxious vultures, waiting for it to collapse so they could steal the company's business. But now nearly all of Silicon...

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By rehiring Jobs, Apple Computer tries to put smile back on Mac users

...Macintosh icon smiles at you. But inroads by rivals have started to put a frown on the famous Mac icon - spurring Apple Computer Inc. to take the most surprising gamble in its 20-year history. Aiming to rebuild its aging software and restore...

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Beatles' company sues over trademark

...want to take another bite out of Apple Computer Inc. Their record company, Apple...said Friday that it was suing Apple Computer because the technology company...When Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computer in 1977, he is said to have chosen...

Demand for iMac still high

Apple Computer fans can't get enough of the new iMac...anticipation in the new product." Apple Computer has a history of announcing developments...we've had that problem in the past," Apple Computer spokeswoman Rhona Hamilton said. But...

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Beatles' company loses suit vs. Apple

...when a British judge ruled that Apple Computer Inc. is entitled to use the apple...creative works themselves." Though Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs said he was "glad...demonstrated just how extensively Apple Computer has broken the agreement," Mr...

Amelio says Apple was undisciplined

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Apple Computer, says a former chief executive, lacked the "hum" of discipline...a new approach for a man who began his ill-fated tenure as Apple Computer's chief executive by wearing staid business attire -- and...

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