The Artside: Davis exhibit reveals 'Dark Corners' of Appalachians

...interpret traditional American, English and Celtic folk ballads through images of the American South. The folk songs of the Appalachians, with their Celtic origins, provide a familiar narrative and a human history that connects to his own background, he has...

Across the southeast

...smog ASHEVILLE, N.C. -Industrial grit from the Midwest is not the main culprit behind mountain haze in the southern Appalachians, a 10-year air pollution study concluded. It has long been taken for granted that factory smoke from Midwestern industrial...

Town in S.C. foothills looks to profit from retirees, not factories

SENECA, S.C. -- Leaders of this town nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians see gold in gray. They have given up spending a lot of money to recruit factories and mills. Instead, they are writing checks...

Hiking haven in Hocking Hills

...and his two dogs in search of game along Salt Creek came upon an area of dramatically scenic gorges and woodlands in the Appalachians of southeastern Ohio. The hunter was Richard Rowe, whose family had moved in about 1796 to the Ohio River Valley from the...

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That tree we put up has a history behind it

...19th centuries who explored the mountains of North Carolina. The only place the tree grows, in fact, is in the southern Appalachians. By the way, we didn't buy our tree at the lot that advertised "Frazer fir" trees because of the misspelling. I doubted...

Glynn Moore
Students get education via laptops

...book reports, the parents are learning to type, use spreadsheets and surf the Internet to discover the world beyond the Appalachians. "It is an awesome task to overcome a historical inertia of this magnitude, in that high school dropouts tend to beget...

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Severe storms blamed for 2 deaths

...week. The center said possible tornadoes and damaging wind gusts remained a threat as the storms head across the southern Appalachians into the Carolinas.Georgia Power reported roughly 3,000 customers without electricity Tuesday afternoon, the bulk of...

Tooth loss greater among older Americans in Appalachians

ATLANTA -- Here's another sad distinction for the Appalachian states: More than a third of the elderly people in the region have lost all their teeth -- the highest rate in the nation. West Virginia leads the nation in toothlessness -- 47.6 percent of people over 65 have lost all their teeth. Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia aren't far behind, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

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Congressmen join call for logging halt in Southern Appalachians

WASHINGTON -- Six Democratic congressmen have joined the push for a logging moratorium in the most remote but unprotected areas of the Southern Appalachian national forests until new management plans for the forests are completed. In a letter Thursday to Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, the lawmakers from Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina echoed arguments made last month by a bipartisan group of Southern senators -- Max Cleland, D-Ga., John Warner, R-Va., Chuck Robb, D-Va., Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., and Ernest F. Hollings, D-S.C.

Outdoors calendar

...Center Shopping Center in Augusta. The speaker will be Ben Austin, who has extensive experienceaguiding in Alaska and the Appalachians.aFor more information, log on to www.csraflyfishers.org. Monday: The first of a four-part "Boat Smart" safety...