The Apache failures

...training mission crash this week of a U.S. Apache helicopter. That's bad enough, but...was the second such training crash of an Apache in two weeks, both near the Albanian...right they were. Nor is it just the two Apache crashes that make the point. Consider...

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No amnesty; deport now

...other illegals who are illegally occupying America. Not only do we need to deport all illegals, we also need to secure our southern border with armed troops, tanks and Apache helicopters. This is an invasion, and it must be halted.

No safer way to fly

...his left knee, sending his imaginary Apache into a roll. Hydraulics tilt his pilot...authorized maneuver," says the retired Army Apache pilot turned civilian flight instructor...Mr. Coy's midair roll proves the Apache Longbow AH-64D can handle the prohibited...

Pilots train in helicopters

For the second time in two months, Apache helicopters from Hunter Army Airfield near Savannah descended...games and prepare them for possible deployments, they said. Apache helicopters played a key role in the 1989 U.S. military action...

Tribes are angered by code name association

Geronimo was known as an Apache warrior whose ability to walk without leaving footprints allowed...insult."Even Jeff Houser, the chairman of Geronimo's Fort Sill Apache Tribe, said in his letter to Obama that the decision behind the...

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Iraq claims to shoot down helicopter

...BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq claimed Monday that it shot down two Apache helicopters and was holding the pilots prisoner. U.S. Gen...Force Master Sgt. Grant Windsor at the Pentagon confirmed one Apache was missing but said he had no information on the pilots. He...

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Company touts composite utility pole as the future

...from the same synthetic materials that make the military's Apache attack helicopters virtually bulletproof. Developers of the...during a tour of the Boeing Co. plant in Mesa that manufactures Apache helicopters. The fuselage contains Kevlar, a composite that...

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Baseball POW is related to Todd Greene The pilot of an Apache attack helicopter shot down over Iraq and taken prisoner is a relative of Texas Rangers catcher and former Evans High School star...

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Flying career

JohnWeatherford (left), a South Aiken High sophomore, takes a closer look at the pilot's seat.of an Apache helicopter Thursday at South Aiken High School. School officials invited military recruiters to attend career day and were surprised...

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Tillman probe raises red flags

In a remote and dangerous corner of Afghanistan, under the protective roar of Apache attack helicopters and B-52 bombers, special agents and investigators did their work. They walked the landscape with surviving...