Russian priest feels closer to God in Antarctica

KING GEORGE ISLAND, Antarctica - Sophrony Kirilov pulls hard on...Bellinghausen base, says his passion for Antarctica is deeply connected to his love for...log-by-log, "like Lego blocks," to Antarctica, said Alejo Contreras, a Chilean...

Augustan helps supply research in Antarctica

Antarctica probably isn't among the places many would...for researchers who live year-round in Antarctica. The sailors left Richmond, Va., on Friday for the 10-day mission in Antarctica. They stopped in New Zealand before sailing...

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Antarctica's desert valleys getting colder

Antarctica's harsh desert valleys - long considered...Data Center. According to the report, Antarctica is the only one of Earth's seven continents...twist. This shows we don't understand Antarctica as well as we thought." The Dry Valleys...

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Air warming above Antarctica

WASHINGTON - The air over Antarctica is warming even faster than in other...warming has been reported in parts of Antarctica, this is the first report of broad-scale...org British Antarctic Survey: www.antarctica.ac.uk

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Scientists find global warming in Antarctica's oceans

...temperatures in the ocean depths off Antarctica provide new evidence that greenhouse...oceans in southern latitudes approaching Antarctica. A warmer atmosphere holds more moisture...predicted increased precipitation near Antarctica from greenhouse global warming. Their...

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Huge chunk of ice breaks off from Antarctica ice sheet

...broken off from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica and could drift into shipping lanes...the University of Wisconsin-Madison Antarctica Meteorological Research Center, which...formed in the Ross Ice Shelf. Although Antarctica is very cold, the continent receives...

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Researchers discover two new dinosaur fossils in Antarctica

WASHINGTON -- Frozen Antarctica has yielded two of its secrets...as long elsewhere as they have in Antarctica," said Case, dean of science...million years ago, have been found in Antarctica. This was one of only six dinosaur...

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New breed of robots soon might explore Antarctica

...drones that can overcome the multiple challenges of exploring Antarctica. Georgia Tech researchers think the SnoMote -- a small robot...cracks and shifts. They envision dozens of SnoMotes roving Antarctica's vast expanses to add to data already collected by satellites...

Antarctica: Stunning vistas, wildlife draw more tourists

BROWN BLUFF, Antarctica - Stepping carefully down the cruise...Small yachts also make trips to Antarctica; larger cruise ships do as well...operator conducts a variety of trips to Antarctica between October and March, with prices...

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Antarctica trip drops supplies for researchers

...out this year's Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica. "When we got to Antarctica, we were dropped off in a field covered with...left Richmond, Va., for McMurdo Station, Antarctica, on Jan. 25 and returned in mid-February...

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