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Venomous Ann Coulter had to go

...having the courage to finally drop Ann Coulter's vicious hate-speech-filled...all liberals do. In the past, Ann Coulter has claimed that former U.S...instances of alleged plagiarism. While Ann Coulter may be a conservative hero, that...
Ann Coulter needs to come back

Ann Coulter is as sharp as a tack. You acknowledged...dulcet, inoffensive tones. Getting rid of Ann Coulter's column was a bad call. I doubt that...decision in a vacuum. You let a few anti-Ann Coulter malcontents push you around. I would...
Ann Coulter's column spoke to many

I miss Ann Coulter, and didn't realize how many of your...just another issue now. By dropping Ann Coulter, your paper has lost a major part of...Atlanta Constitution. When you dropped Ann Coulter, you should have dropped coverage of...
Letters | Augusta-Richmond County Commission
Ann Coulter is shameless hate-peddler

...glad the University of Connecticut students shouted down Ann Coulter. Normally, I would not condone such behavior, but...such a pretty body. It is intolerant people such as Ann Coulter that earn us enemies around the world. Saroja Venkatraman...
Ditching Ann Coulter is censorship

Who made the decision to remove Ann Coulter? The controversy does not seem to be going away. Judging...mindless sheep. Shame on you! Cut your losses, bring back Ann Coulter and keep Michelle Malkin. Problem solved. A. Neal...
Ann Coulter has the right to be evil

Note: This post has been updated with video from Coulter's Today Show interview. Ann Coulter has quite a reputation. From what I can gather, she is a die hard conservative who apparently hates liberals...a lot. Also...
Rants and raves

...Comments from readers: THANK GOODNESS, we're rid of Ann Coulter in The Augusta Chronicle with her acid-tongue. Now...more and more liberal. This is shown by the fact that Ann Coulter's column was dropped. THERE HAVE BEEN some been recent...
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How can you defend McCarthy?

Ann Coulter has an acid pen but it skips a lot ("Loony Clooney defends CBS," Nov...hearings." Edward R. Murrow was a trail-blazer in editorial television. Ann Coulter is merely a right-wing Henny Penny. Tom Zwemer, Augusta
Correcting an overbite

...nationally syndicated columnist Ann Coulter to our editorial page lineup...conservative voices out there today. Ann Coulter has long been known for her acid...stand for is civility. Pulling Ann Coulter's column hurts; she's one...
Columnist has moral fiber the chorus of people not happy with you taking the Ann Coulter column out of your paper. The reasons you gave are patently...fine selection of columnists you carry, specifically Ann Coulter and Cal Thomas). But if you do not bring back Ann...