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'Ready to rock 'n' roll'

...the culmination of nearly three years of work on an ambitious project. "That will be the big, big night," said Angie Fitzgerald, former president of the playhouse board of directors. In 1999, when playhouse members approached the city of...
Eyes to be on Bette Davis during Aiken production

...month-long retreat in her guest room, opens tonight as part of the Aiken Community Playhouse Studio II series. Angie Fitzgerald, the play's director, said that as a fan she was anxious to explore both Bette Davis the star and the person...
New high-tech theater built with expansion in mind

...labeled with paper signs taped to their wooden doors. Still, as Aiken Community Playhouse publicity chairwoman Angie Fitzgerald steps through the doors out of the early October heat, her's is the sigh of a proud parent. She doesn't see...
Drama ends as playhouse, city agree to tentative lease

...been specified, though the community playhouse plans to perform its first play, West Side Story, in October. Angie Fitzgerald, the president of the community playhouse's board of directors, said the lease will begin as soon as the city...
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Musical mayhem rampant in 'Clue'

...unveiled onstage. Nobody, not even the cast, knows whodunnit. "That has been the biggest challenge," said Angie Fitzgerald, the production's director. "We don't know, until we're into the show, how things will end. There are...
Play mirrors life for mom, daughter

...we've really been looking forward to it," said Angie Fitzgerald. "We've only been on stage together once before...interesting for the audience to watch knowing that." Angie Fitzgerald said the greatest challenge has been learning to...
Aiken playhouse's 'Sylvia' puts canine twist on old plot

...character with fleas and four legs. "A lot of what is required in this show is focusing on what is real," said Angie Fitzgerald, who plays Kate, the harried wife at war with her husband's canine companion. "The relationships and the interactions...
Play will help fund improvements at center

...these characters even more interesting for me." Each of the performers plays numerous roles in the show, director Angie Fitzgerald French said. "Everything goes so fast," she said. Reach Charmain Z. Brackett at
Playhouse goes into production

...will be used for the Washington Group side of the building. "This is so much more than we ever hoped for," said Angie Fitzgerald of the playhouse. "We knew we were going to need the involvement of people who maybe didn't have their lives...
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Simon play has tears and laughter

...The boys are looking for motherly love from her, but they realize they're not going to get it." Aunt Bella (Angie Fitzgerald), who is mildly retarded, still lives at home with her mother but yearns to marry and have her own family. She...
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