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Rain fee needs more public input: commissioners

...handful of times since.Alpharetta-based AMEC's bid response touted the involvement of "trusted project leaders" Andy Reese, author of the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual, and Butch Gallop, an Augusta-based consultant expected to...
Don't discard moral code

Do we give in to our fears acting as cowards, or do we stand for those values that have made us great?
Rush Limbaugh spouts traitorous lies

...worse. If a person consider himself or herself a descent person, much less a patriot who wishes our country to succeed, that person will not only turn him off, but will let Limbaugh's affiliates know that you doing so. Andy Reese Augusta
Health-care issue needs perspective

...Previously, I called the health-care reform measure the great moral question of our time. If that doesn't move you, remember: Most of you reading this are only one downsizing away from having no health insurance. Andy Reese Augusta
Rants & Raves

...state Sen. Darrell Jackson think South Carolina is already a socialist nation where such as he can dictate everything? ANDY REESE WROTE an articulate and well-written letter April 22, "Liberal built freer world." While it was well-written...
Back nondiscrimination

Fairness demands we end this last vestige of discrimination.
Morality can guide votes

There are clear differences among the candidates in the morality of their stands.
Republicans lack ideas

All they can do is misrepresent or blatantly lie about Democratic programs.
Faith leaders hope discussion leads to better understanding village, it is important for us to have some understanding of the basics of their religion," panel moderator Andy Reese said. "It doesn't mean giving up our own faith. It means allowing their understanding of truth to help us gain new...
Quarterback president fumbled chances

In response to Andy Reese's letter "Just stick by the quarterback you have" (Oct. 4), it is very ironic that this would show up on the opinion page...