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A place to call home

Gwen and Andy Chandler trekked through 23 Augusta-area churches for a year-and-a-half...face. That helped them more than anything else, said Army Col. Andy Chandler, whose family joined Warren Baptist Church about six months ago after...
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Now this is a writer

...When we saw the obituary for Andy Chandler in The Chronicle on Tuesday morning...and when he first set eyes on an Andy Chandler letter, he thought he was looking...and Navy veteran. But to us, Andy Chandler was a kind friend of our page...
Why it's hard to be optimistic

...Americans with fraudulent services and billing. To all the bleeding-heart liberals: Yeah, former President Bill Clinton is gone, but the eight year's worth of damage he accomplished has not and may never be gone. Andy Chandler, Augusta
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Photograph was insensitive

...It was certainly not a necessary or newsworthy thing to display publicly. I hope the appropriate people at the paper take notice and show a greater degree of sensitivity in the future when reporting such stories. Andy Chandler, Augusta
Spelling test can expose Roundtree fan

...well penned" story in The Chronicle about the Beech Island Agricultural Club. Another in beautiful script was from Andy Chandler , of Augusta, who enclosed a 1995 editorial page he wanted me to see and get republished, if possible. It wasn't...
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Too complacent

...complacent... Like everyone, I don't know what the future holds. Unlike everyone else, I know who holds the future. Those who deny God must likewise deny the evidence of miracles we see around us every day. Andy Chandler, Augusta
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Walker speaks with forked tongue

...would? For instance, was the guy who was recently elected to the Vermont legislature, who then said publicly that he believes all policemen should be shot and killed, just exercising his free speech right?.. Andy Chandler, Augusta
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Florida's counting law confusing

...49 states as well and there has never been a bone of contention since any error (five to six percent) would not favor one candidate over another. At this point the rpm of the spinning top drastically increased. Andy Chandler, Augusta
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Clinton nail hit right on the head

...than the one in D.C. It will be known as Judgment Day and the chief justice will be God Almighty and there will be no appellate process, and his decision will be unrevokable and eternal. So there you have it. Andy Chandler, Augusta
Saying 'yes, sir' not buckling under be an Uncle Tom. The thinking of this politician, along with his cohorts like President Clinton and the rest of his administration, contributes greatly to the trouble we find ourselves in today in many areas. Andy Chandler, Augusta