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President honors Augusta teacher

...President Clinton's first impression of Augusta's Andy Baumgartner was one that the elementary schoolteacher's friends...America could do more to honor classroom teachers like Andy Baumgartner," Mr. Clinton said. "Perhaps more of our best...
Teacher helps pupils bloom

...inscription was written before Andy Baumgartner became a teacher there the teacher's Oscars." Andy Baumgartner -- "I think teaching is a very difficult job." Andy Baumgartner -- "When you work with children...
Conference inspiring

Now, once again, I dream of a time when the teaching profession will hold its rightful place of prestige and importance in our country.
Tom Olmer Jr.

...stepdaughter Katherine Limer of Macon; his mother, Doris Kull Olmer, and his sister Nancy Cisick and her husband Andy Baumgartner of Augusta, GA; his sister-in-law and her husband, Jill and Keith McCrary of Albany, GA; and aunts, Pat...
Williams quoted ripping top teacher

On Feb. 1 your editorial asked, "Is this Cuba?" when Georgia House leaders banned Andy Baumgartner, our National Teacher of the Year, from speaking in the House. This was after this gifted teacher spoke in the Senate and made...
Education has champ in teacher

...spreading his philosophy on education. Augusta's Andy Baumgartner has visited places he never anticipated and as a...respectful light." Teacher travels A journal of Andy Baumgartner's travels as National Teacher of the Year will...
Readers pick year's top local stories

Here is how readers voted when asked to pick the top local news stories of 1999: TOP TEACHER: Andy Baumgartner, a kindergarten teacher at A. Brian Merry Elementary School in Richmond County, is selected as the National Teacher of the Year...
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Our schools need more classroom teachers

(Editor's note: The author, Andy Baumgartner of Augusta, is the National Teacher of the Year.) I AM VERY honored that The Chronicle has given me this opportunity to share...
Opinion columns
Teacher criticizes education reforms

...From the lectern of the state Senate chamber, where he was being honored as Georgia's 1999 Teacher of the Year, Andy Baumgartner complained that the study commission that helped formulate the plan didn't include enough teachers and trivialized...
Chides critic of Teacher of Year

...when he writes about things he feels are harmful to our school system. I too felt that National Teacher of the Year Andy Baumgartner got a little carried away with some of the points that were sincerely pressing his heart. But Mr. Baumgartner placed...