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Woman part of airborne family

...close your eyes and take a step." Amy Joyner can be reached at (706) BYLINE1:By Amy Joyner BYLINE2:Staff Writer For a while...close your eyes and take a step." Amy Joyner can be reached at (706) 823-3339...
Pro golfers getting computer link to the links

...computers. ... I don't mess with those things. I like a phone. I know who I talked to and what is going on." Amy Joyner can be reached at (706) 823-3339 or
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Praises coverage of space shuttle

...shuttle launches in Florida are old news. Thank you, Augusta Chronicle, for your thorough coverage. The articles by Amy Joyner and photos by Cindy Blanchard have been outstanding -- a fitting tribute to a local hero. ... Barbara Barton, Fort...
Appreciates support for daughter

...was a little amazed at the spirit shown by Augusta for this hometown girl. My special thanks also go to your reporter Amy Joyner, who has done so many well-written articles about Susan since she was accepted as an astronaut.... Joseph M...
Officials question field trips

...on the early edge of this," he said. Staff Writer Amy Joyner contributed to this report. Faith Johnson covers education...from the Richmond County Board of Education, reporters Amy Joyner and Faith Johnson of The Augusta Chronicle built a computer...
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Turnout for runoff surpasses initial vote

...Bailey said she didn't believe absentee votes alone could account for the huge turnout. Staff writers Tom Corwin and Amy Joyner contributed to this article. Meghan Gourley can be reached at (706) 823-3227 or
Tournament fills dreams of sick fans

...It's not every day your dream comes true," he said. "And it's going to happen today." Tom Corwin and Amy Joyner can be reached at (706) 724-0851 or
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Bill woes dog some candidates

...that all citizens must support their government through taxation and representation." Staff Writers Tracie Powell, Amy Joyner, Sandy Hodson and Alisa DeMao contributed to this article.
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Area communications hit by outage

...satellites," Mr. Restivo said. "It's cheap, it's fast, but it's also vulnerable." Staff Writers Karin Schill, Amy Joyner, Wendy Grossman, Tom Corwin and Kent Kimes contributed to this article.
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Newsmakers of past years remembered

...preferred not to comment. Staff writers Todd Bauer, Kevin Bonsor, Tom Corwin, Kelly Daniel, Alisa DeMao, Sandy Hodson, Amy Joyner, Kent Kimes, Virginia Norton, Tracie Powell, Emily Sollie and Pat Willis contributed to this report.
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