Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...families have been suffering for 25 years," said Nora Moye, a protester who also is a spokeswoman for the human rights group Amnesty International. "But as much as they're suffering, after tonight they'll still be suffering. "We can find justice in...

Shopping 'undocumented'

...undocumented shopping.It doesn't matter anyway, of course, because very soon there will be an executive order granting blanket amnesty to the undocumented shoppers because ? what is the phrase? ? it's "who we are as Americans."It makes the heart swell...

Stuck with the bill

...through next September, and full funding for President Obama's illegal immigration amnesty plan through February.Considering that nearly every pro-amnesty Democrat in the midterm election was turned away, Cromnibus is a slap in the face to...

Bill sets up amnesty in drug overdose cases

...group of parents lobbying on behalf of a bill that would grant amnesty from certain drug charges for those who seek help in the event...House Bill 965, also known as the Georgia 911 Me di cal Amnesty Law, received overwhelming support in the House and is expected...

Take sovereignty out for a spin

...their authority to fight the president's unlawful executive amnesty plan for nearly 5 million illegal aliens.After all, it's...GOP lawmakers for feeling "so passionate about" Obama's amnesty plan that "they responded by leaving town until Dec. 1...

Rants & Raves

...on $1,200 a month Social Security and I can't even pay my bills? WHEN PRESIDENT Obama illegally uses his pen and finds amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants, we the people will be one step closer to living in a banana republic. PRESIDENT OBAMA brags...

No amnesty; deport now

...other nations in Central America is that President Obama is planning to give illegals amnesty. They are dying to get over the border so they can get amnesty.What Obama is doing on the border is treason. America immediately should deport all...

Amnesty's lies

Amnesty International's Web site states it is...support or oppose any government." That's Amnesty's second lie. The first lie was its...left-wing government for the United States. Amnesty's leaders gave gobs of money last year...

Amnesty's lies

...In its annual report on human rights, Amnesty International describes the U.S-run...find themselves under arrest," warns Amnesty's U.S. director, William Schultz...if not assassination, of our leaders. Amnesty not only blames the United States for...

Amnesty unopposed

...is concerned, there is only one side: amnesty. This is incomprehensible, not to mention...60-percent or more majority, oppose amnesty in all its guises - including President...this country unlawfully. Yet the anti-amnesty point of view is not being represented...