Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...families have been suffering for 25 years," said Nora Moye, a protester who also is a spokeswoman for the human rights group Amnesty International. "But as much as they're suffering, after tonight they'll still be suffering. "We can find justice in...

Enforce immigration law

...caused by the federal government ignoring immigration law. President Reagan naively believed the Democrats in the trade of amnesty of 2.5 million for really good immigration legislation. Employers were penalized if they hired illegal aliens.Laws are...

Bill sets up amnesty in drug overdose cases

...group of parents lobbying on behalf of a bill that would grant amnesty from certain drug charges for those who seek help in the event...House Bill 965, also known as the Georgia 911 Me di cal Amnesty Law, received overwhelming support in the House and is expected...

Amnesty's lies

Amnesty International's Web site states it is...support or oppose any government." That's Amnesty's second lie. The first lie was its...left-wing government for the United States. Amnesty's leaders gave gobs of money last year...

Amnesty's lies

...In its annual report on human rights, Amnesty International describes the U.S-run...find themselves under arrest," warns Amnesty's U.S. director, William Schultz...if not assassination, of our leaders. Amnesty not only blames the United States for...

Amnesty unopposed

...is concerned, there is only one side: amnesty. This is incomprehensible, not to mention...60-percent or more majority, oppose amnesty in all its guises - including President...this country unlawfully. Yet the anti-amnesty point of view is not being represented...

Amnesty in Augusta

...mind of Ms. Boyle and other members of Amnesty International, no news is bad news for...Medina. Though most members of Augusta's Amnesty International chapter have full-time...and it turned out there was." Goals of Amnesty International include seeking the release...

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Vote for Greene, against amnesty

...meaningless laws accompanied by instant amnesty to 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens...existing laws. Politicians behind this amnesty bill say that no path to citizenship will...permits, etc. What is that if not an amnesty? Ask our congressmen to live up to their...

Clyburn won't support amnesty

...Jim Clyburn won't support any type of amnesty in plans to overhaul immigration, but...deal with this. And I will not support amnesty for anybody, I mean, that would be rewarding...yesterdays ago." Mr. Inglis opposes amnesty, but he said requirements to pay fines...

Immigrants receive temporary amnesty

...But he said he hopes the deal, which would grant temporary amnesty to illegal aliens now harvesting the estimated $90 million...immediately be reached for comment. In return for temporary amnesty, the farmers must obey the so-called guest worker laws...