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Streetcars on the ballot amid trolley revival be awarded by mid-February 2010. In all, some 80 U.S. cities have streetcar proposals, the American Public Transportation Association says, a trend bolstered by President Barack Obama's signal he's more inclined to pump federal dollars...
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Transport industry calls for funding

...industry officials said Monday. "More needs to be done," said William Millar, the president of the American Public Transportation Association. "We need to be ramping up that investment. We need to be investing over $6 billion over the next...
Treasury wants to stop lease arrangements used for tax breaks of fifteen pending transactions worth up to $250 million to municipalities, according to the American Public Transportation Association. "We think it is fundamentally unfair, if not arbitrary, for the FTA to suspend its review of the...
Taking us for a ride

...goes on for more public transit - the latest example being last month's widely reported study by the American Public Transportation Association, the Washington-based lobby for government-subsidized transit systems. It said that last year...