Soft on strategy

...to the Pentagon, Obama appears to have forgotten "commander in chief" is one of his titles. As president, the American military is simply following his direction ? or, in this case, the lack thereof.Either the Pentagon is incompetent, or...

'What's Going On?' Marvin Gaye's question in 1971 resonates today

...type of barbarism is equivalent to the lynching of slaves on the master's plantation.It's now 2015, and our American military is still engaged in unnecessary war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there are many Americans who still believe...

A medal of dishonor

...with America's longtime tradition of not negotiating with terrorists to concoct the most botched prisoner swap in American military history? He has 664 days left in the Oval Office.

Withdrawal is dishonorable

...This is not the first time we've done this to the American military.Korea, Vietnam, Somalia and the first war in Iraq...however, what we've asked the men and women of the American military to do for us while we repeatedly show them that the...

Gray: American involvement in Bosnia will continue

...said Monday. But Robert Gray, a retired lieutenant general and one-time Fort Gordon commander, said he hopes American military presence will give peace a chance. "Are we just spinning our wheels? I think that's a fair assessment," he...

The `ultimate high ground'

...Estes views space as the ultimate high ground, where American military and commercial interests are sure to be challenged...phone and other satellite services. Just as the American military today aims to deter, and if necessary defeat, aggression...

XXX Technology
Eye militarized police

...whether it is at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada, or the streets of Ferguson, Mo. Materiel designed to protect American military now is being used for code enforcement, lawful assembly and illegal lemonade stands. Asymmetrical combat and insurgency...

Obama: US re-establishing relations with Cuba

...Obama said Gross' five-year imprisonment had been a major obstacle in normalizing relations. Gross arrived at an American military base just outside Washington Wednesday morning, accompanied by his wife and a handful of U.S. lawmakers. He...

Radical Islamist action rekindles possibility of Kurdish independence

...and replacing them with a new caliphate.When he was elected in 2008, one of Obama's first promises was to end American military involvement in that war-torn nation. At the same time he made it clear that U.S. troops soon would be leaving...

Electorate has spoken

...couldn't appear to care less when an American is beheaded by Muslim terrorists, when a Muslim military officer kills American military personnel or when ISIS commits acts of savagery. His record on such matters is clear and apparently he does not...