Eye militarized police

...whether it is at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada, or the streets of Ferguson, Mo. Materiel designed to protect American military now is being used for code enforcement, lawful assembly and illegal lemonade stands. Asymmetrical combat and insurgency...

Radical Islamist action rekindles possibility of Kurdish independence

...and replacing them with a new caliphate.When he was elected in 2008, one of Obama's first promises was to end American military involvement in that war-torn nation. At the same time he made it clear that U.S. troops soon would be leaving...

Group opens office to address growing needs of female veterans

...housing and an even harder time finding well-paying jobs.In part, it is a reflection of the changing nature of the American military, where women now constitute 14 percent of active-duty forces and 18 percent of the Army National Guard and the...

Withdrawal is dishonorable

...This is not the first time we've done this to the American military.Korea, Vietnam, Somalia and the first war in Iraq...however, what we've asked the men and women of the American military to do for us while we repeatedly show them that the...

Gray: American involvement in Bosnia will continue

...said Monday. But Robert Gray, a retired lieutenant general and one-time Fort Gordon commander, said he hopes American military presence will give peace a chance. "Are we just spinning our wheels? I think that's a fair assessment," he...

The `ultimate high ground'

...Estes views space as the ultimate high ground, where American military and commercial interests are sure to be challenged...phone and other satellite services. Just as the American military today aims to deter, and if necessary defeat, aggression...

XXX Technology
On the move

...Education: Associate of arts in criminal justice, Georgia Military College; bachelor of arts in criminal justice, American Military University. TONY OVERCASHNew job title: Sales consultantEmployer: Master Buick GMCWork experience: He has been...

Fort Gordon events could become casualty of sequestration

...grounding of Air Force and Navy performance fighter jets to the silencing of the Army's Jazz Ambas sadors, no American military tradition is safe, even at Fort Gordon, where one of the area's premier summer celebrations could become the...

We lost Vietnam; here's why

...Washington, D.C., mainly because of the liberal news media, whose biased reporting swayed public opinion.The American military decimated the communist forces on the battlefield, but you would never know this by following the TV newscasts every...

Veteran curation exhibit opens at Augusta Museum of History

...word about the VCP and help other veterans."The program provides employment and job training for veterans of the American military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans receive competitive pay while learning marketable job skills as they...