Choke out 'Operation Choke Point'

Was it naive to think that one of the most blatantly anti-American government initiatives ? "Operation Choke Point" ? would disappear shortly after Republicans took over the Senate?Yes, apparently...

USC-Aiken offers class on-line

...11 p.m. and Chrystal Nixon has just gone to American Government class. Flipping on her computer, she calls up...students are the first in South Carolina to take an American Government course on the Internet. If successful, the course...

XXX Technology
Bush leaving dismal fiscal legacy

...told the American public who were one-third unclothed, one-third unfed and one-third unemployed that the American government did not believe in handouts, and that people have to lift themselves up by their bootstraps. He said that was...

Suggests U.S. arm the Albanians

...Yugoslavia several times, have spoken their languages and have many friends and enemies there. It amazes me why the American government is just the opposite of the American people, who are intelligent and pragmatic. There is a relatively simple...

Opinion columns
Across South Carolina

...military school says he's returning to a newly endowed chair.The military college is creating an endowed chair in American government and public policy, and Riley will be the first to hold the seat. Riley will move to The Citadel after he completes...

Administration must act

...evil of anti-Semitism raise its ugly head. ISIS has continued its primitive and barbaric beheadings. A pro-American government in Yemen has fallen to the Iranian-backed Shiite militants and al-Qaida. It seems that many of our national...

Misconceptions persist about immigrant workers

...free child care services, free phones, and on and on ? all the while teaching their children that if the American government is willing to pay it, why not take it? Yet too many people still think the Mexicans are here to mooch.Mexican-Americans...

The system works

...the legislative body's role diminished so and its work product treated with such disregard and disdain.The American government is designed beautifully to frustrate its top managers. It's intended to be somewhat plodding ? some would...

From zero to conservative in 10 steps

...dinghies. 9.) Real clear politics It is fall 1989. I am a high school senior in Dan Zwiener's fifth-period American Government class. He is explaining the electoral difference between democratic and totalitairan nations. "Now, in a totalitarian...

Aiken Tech courses go online

...Kimberly Turner has not set foot in South Carolina. Her Northern accent probably would give her away to her 20 American government students at Aiken Technical College this semester, but they've never heard her voice. She instructs them by...