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Blood test could help diagnose Alzheimer's earlier

...and friends are particularly difficult. A new study in Nature Medicine shows promise for a new blood test in Alzheimer's dementia.Dementia is a brain disease and limits a person's ability to function. Its symptoms include memory loss...
Alzheimer's, dementia sufferers face challenges -- and you can help

Be the voice for those who can no longer speak; open your mind and the minds of others about this disease; and let's move toward a world without Alzheimer's.
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New study seeks key to onset of Alzheimer's

...tests will be used to determine whether a person has the impairment. Edward Zamrini, acting chief of the VA's Alzheimer's/Dementia Care Program, compares it to remembering only five items on the grocery list when you used to remember 10 easily...
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Join the battle now to end harsh, debilitating disease

...detection and available interventions;? strengthening the medical and service infrastructure;? funding Alzheimer's/dementia research ? especially randomized controlled trials to test the efficacy of interventions specifically tailored...
What I saw after Ike was revelation

...God's love in family members who hovered protectively hour after hour over elderly parents incapacitated by Alzheimer's dementia. If these behaviors are not God's image displayed in human form, then they are simply the actions of highly...
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Across the area

...Augusta area. The club's focus is on helping those with brain-related disorders including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, chemical dependency, traumatic head injuries, Huntington's disease and autism. People interested in joining...
Veterans hospital chief believes in plan

...But it will not mean closing down any units, she said. "There is no plan to change the level of beds in the Alzheimer's/Dementia (unit)," she said. And, despite stopping short of giving a guarantee, there are no plans to close down...
On the move

...Bussey has completed two American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation Post-Graduate Traineeships in Alzheimer's/Dementia and Parkinson's Disease Pharmacotherapy. Dr. Bussey is the president of Pharmacotherapy for Seniors Inc...