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...Printing; and Sen. Ed Tarver . - Dr. Jerry J. Buccafusco , the director of the Medical College of Georgia Alzheimer's Research Center, has received the 2008 Pharmacia-American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Award for...
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Research tracks protein to find Alzheimer's cause

Medical science couldn't prevent David Black's infant son from contracting polio in the 1950s. But Mr. Black was still willing to volunteer his blood to help researchers at the Augusta VA who are looking at proteins they believe are implicated in Alzheimer's disease.
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...was a Regents professor of pharmacology and toxicology, professor of graduate studies and director of the Alzheimer's Research Center. This is a posthumous award.DR. VADIVEL GANAPATHY Award/honor: Received the Outstanding Faculty Award...
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Search for cause progresses

The links between Alzheimer's disease and other afflictions such as heart disease might hold the key to unlocking how the disease kills brain cells and steals memories and lives, a local researcher said. View the photo gallery
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Cause of Gulf War Illness is still unknown

With the current Bush administration pushing for another war against Iraq, no one can say for sure what's causing soldiers who fought for the liberation of Kuwait to become sick, and even die.
Researchers say chemical reduction during sleep helps memory

WASHINGTON -- A reduction in the level of a chemical during certain types of sleep allows the brain to replay activities, which helps fix memories, German researchers report.
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Five questions

...JERRY J. BUCCAFUSCO Professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Medical College of Georgia, director of the Alzheimer's Research Center and CEO of Prime Behavior Testing Laboratories Inc. 1. You work with aged rhesus monkeys. What's it like...
Researchers find helpful nicotine byproduct

Imagine a nicotine product that improves memory and protects brain cells without causing addiction.
Families assist MCG Alzheimer's study

Jinny Gallahar hardly seemed to notice the blood being drawn out of her left arm. It is a small thing, she said, to perhaps provide a clue as to why her 72-year-old father is developing memory problems that could be Alzheimer's disease.
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Mystery sickness creates new battles put together a single picture that explains it," said Dr. Jerry Buccafusco, the director of MCG's Alzheimer's Research Center. "If people came back from gulf war and all had Parkinson's disease, or came back from gulf war and had...