Rants & Raves

...assault on a teacher or other students; also for repeated infractions. How many times have these students been on alternative schools? They don't care. I for one do not want my tax dollars to pay for a bus. We already paid for a bus to take...

Lack of transportation is harsh barrier to successfully educating pupils

...to provide transportation to students sent to the alternative school.To recap, the school system currently does not...not everyone lives within walking distance of the alternative school, and not everyone has a spare car and an available...

Principal Frazier has option for alternative school busing

...through "strategically established" stops throughout the county, which picks up students and brings them to the alternative school, said spokesperson Kurt Hetager.The Atlanta Public School System does not provide a bus for the alternative program...

Rants & Raves

...understanding of the tax laws (or any law for that matter). IF FRAZIER IS SO concerned about the students getting to alternative school, why hasn't he volunteered to transport them daily? RAVE TO The Augusta Chronicle for ensuring the Columbia...

Board puts off decision on alternative school transportation

The possibility of providing transportation for students attending Richmond County's alternative program has been pushed back another month.

Four Westside wrestlers kicked off team

...any type of issues like this one.Waters said the four players who were kicked off the team will be going to the alternative school. He added he hopes the incident sent a message to the remaining 12 team members, if any was needed."I hope...

It should be a hardship

...transportation to the district's alternative school for students who've been...that getting their kids to the alternative school off Baker Avenue downtown is...can't get her son to the alternative school.Juvenile court officials...

School board agrees to look at Tubman transportation

...buses currently run to the alternative school located off Baker Avenue downtown...or two buses to and from the alternative school.Because students come from...would then take them to the alternative school. Doumar said for a student...

Transportation still issue for Tubman students

...board discussed paying for alternative school buses in March, the idea was...one or more buses from the alternative school to various stops across the...pay for buses to run from the alternative school to four or five community centers...

School board criticized about alleged sexual assault, alternative school transportation

About 20 protesters demonstrated outside the Richmond County Board of Education Tuesday, demanding transportation for alternative program students and answers into why a janitor arrested last week on sex charges was permitted in the school after similar allegations last year.