Make alt-school no-frills

...technical school or college. The alternative school is a nicety that shouldn't...student who ends up with the alternative school as an alternative is getting...help these students before the alternative school became the answer: weekend...

School transportation shows wedge between haves and have-nots

...communities ? unlike the students attending the alternative school.Some say that denying transportation (and therefore...are left in the streets and not in school?The alternative school also had been relocated four times during my tenure...

Private, public school advocates clash over court mandate to fix SC's poor schools

...Court's opinion."He added: "I don't understand how people could interpret the decision as advocating for alternative schools or voucher schools. ... The whole opinion is based on the foundation that the state has an obligation to support...

Columbia County Alternative School holds winter graduation

Twenty students got their high school diplomas as a part of Columbia County Alternative School's Save our Seniors program.

New Augusta NAACP leadership prompts optimism for chapter's future

...branch to work with the Richmond County school system to find a way to provide transportation for students at the alternative school and to create sexual abuse prevention education in the classrooms."I'm ready to get to work again and be about...

Richmond County Superintendent Angela Pringle discusses system's challenges

...scores up, and we can do that internally in each school.Q: What is your opinion on providing transportation for alternative school students to the Tubman Education Center? A: Well, first I need to visit the schools and talk to the community...

A super choice

...Elect him our next state superintendent.Woods has dealt with pupils from pre-kindergarten to high school to alternative school to even home school. His educational experience runs the gamut of opportunities sought by the parents of Georgia's...

New alternative school principal won't seek student busing

Greg Thompson said there appears to be no financial or logistical option to make a bus route possible.

Richmond County principal Wayne Frazier announces retirement

...providing transportation for those students, which is currently not in place.Frazier said without a way to get to the alternative school downtown, some students were missing school all together. ALTHOUGH THE BOARD of education never granted Frazier's...

Rants & Raves

...assault on a teacher or other students; also for repeated infractions. How many times have these students been on alternative schools? They don't care. I for one do not want my tax dollars to pay for a bus. We already paid for a bus to take...