Government says Gerber made false claim that Good Start Gentle formula can prevent allergies

...Gentle formula can prevent or reduce allergies in children.In a complaint filed Thursday...government approval for reducing the risk of allergies.The FTC said it wants Gerber to pull...reduce the risk that a baby would develop allergies in general. No qualifier was included...

Innovative new oral immunotherapy is promising for getting rid of allergies

...promising new treatment for children with peanut allergies.Allergies occur when the body's immune system, typically...is reduced.In the largest such trial for peanut allergies, Dr. Katherine Anagnostou and colleagues at Cambridge...

Allergies to foods are fairly common

Food allergies are serious business. According to Michael...million Americans (4 percent) have food allergies, and about 30,000 emergency room visits...per year are attributed to them. Food allergies are on the rise. A recent study shows...

Age-old question: Strong pet allergies need not mean a life without animals

Q: What can I do about pet allergies? - P.H., Evans, GA A: The obvious answer...owners who were diagnosed with pet-related allergies kept their dogs and cats despite the allergies. That's understandable. Many other studies...

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First treatment for peanut allergies may also help millions more with other food terrors

...also may aid millions more with other food allergies, researchers said. The drug, called...molecule that plays a major part in asthma and allergies, it might also help people with other food allergies, said one of the researchers. "We may...

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Shortage of germs worsens allergies

...McMullen's current misery - persistent allergies. But the 6-year-old Eatonton, Ga...children such as Darrius develop their allergies: They might not be getting enough exposure...off parasite infections rarely develop allergies while allergies in children with better...

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Article rightly raised awareness of food allergies

...awareness our school district has for food allergies. ("Nuts put some at great risk...life-threatening nature of some food allergies. They wrongly assume that our child...difficulty that someone with severe food allergies must face. For our son, even things...

Pollen brings allergies to peak

...to familiar to him this time of year when pollen - and his allergies - are at their peak. But rain, which is supposed to last...to deal with it earlier in the year," Dr. Dolen said. Allergies are typically passed from generation to generation, but some...

Allergies put opera singer out of `La Travita'

The Augusta Opera's Pretty Woman hasn't been felled by consumption, just allergies. Maryanne Telese, scheduled to sing the lead in La Traviata, sat out the opening performance Wednesday night after developing...

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Dryness irritates allergies

...only worry we have after three years of dry Southern summers. The Mayo Clinic reports the dryness has prompted a rise in allergies. A majority of Southerners are getting an extra does of pollen this summer thanks to dry, windy conditions that promote...

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