Government says Gerber made false claim that Good Start Gentle formula can prevent allergies

...formula can prevent or reduce allergies in children.In a complaint...approval for reducing the risk of allergies.The FTC said it wants Gerber...could prevent one type of allergy in infants known as atopic...that a baby would develop allergies in general. No qualifier...

Across the region

...classroom before school starts so children are familiar with new surroundings and inform teachers of any special dietary needs or allergies the child may have.In other newsSOUTH CAROLINA Attorney General Alan Wilson is working with federal officials to bring more...

Simple tips can help allergy sufferers keep gardening

Allergies can put a serious...persistent cough can drive allergy sufferers indoors...what's causing your allergies. See an allergist...the director of Allergy and Asthma Care of...late summer and fall allergies, Bassett said...

Innovative new oral immunotherapy is promising for getting rid of allergies

...million Americans suffer from a food allergy. A new study in the Lancet describes...treatment for children with peanut allergies.Allergies occur when the body's...occur.The primary treatment for an allergy is to avoid the trigger. However...

Allergies to foods are fairly common

...questions about food allergies: - How do you know you have a food allergy? It's tricky...you develop food allergies later in life...unlikely to develop an allergy to milk, eggs or...relatives have food allergies, how likely are...

Peanut allergy may not be forever

...avoidance mode: peanut allergies may not always be...one in five peanut allergy sufferers might...of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology...well-documented peanut allergies and found that roughly...breathing. Peanut allergy can be triggered...reactions of all food allergies. It's estimated...

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Allergy sufferers, it's time to take medicine

...Hinton gave up both arms to the nurse - to get an allergy shot for mold in one and an allergy shot for trees or weeds in the other. Three...other plants follow, said William Dolen, an allergy and immunology physician at Medical College of...

Allergy season is almost here

...said as she waited for weekly allergy shots at Augusta Family Allergy and Immunology. "You don't expect animals to have allergies, but they do."The real ragweed...Vanitcha Pintavorn, at the allergy office."I anticipate that we're...

Age-old question: Strong pet allergies need not mean a life without animals

...and cats despite the allergies. That's understandable...is thought to be an allergy to a dog or cat may...can acquire about pet allergies, the better you will...even people prone to allergies may, with patience...is the source of an allergy, many of the solutions...

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Allergy battle man's passion

...Mr. White said. Allergies are actually a response...Dennis Ownby, a pediatric allergy specialist. For reasons...suffers from some form of allergies, according to surveys...which he has developed an allergy to over the years...