U.S. grows more business-unfriendly

...worry, though. The hard-working, enterprising U.S. citizens and corporations are being replaced by millions of druggie, handout-seeking illegals. Be careful what you wish for -- you just might get it. Allen W. Johnson Augusta

Reno revives Fugitive Slave Act

...you because he believes you have taught him something. Everyone who has been brainwashed to believe Elian's father has custody or any other rights in Cuba, line up for head measurements for your dunce cap. Allen W. Johnson, Augusta

Dismisses defense of `public' lakes

...shouldn't we divest the government of these lakes? Investor-owned utilities have millions of shareholders all across America, and to characterize them as greedy special interest groups is farcical propaganda. ... Allen W. Johnson, Augusta

Bill Kirby: I seem to have Deja view

...letter she shared. Thanks, also, to Dr. Arnold M. Huskins, of Grovetown, and to PJ Rodgers, of Evans, and Allen W. Johnson for their notes about soldier memorials. TODAY'S JOKE: Bill Wood, of Hephzibah, comes up with today's classic...

Backs removing 'disruptive' students

...friends and that letter is on every teacher's lounge bulletin board in that school district where Ms. Beasley is now a friend and hero of each and every educator struggling to teach against ridiculous odds. Allen W. Johnson, Augusta

Opinion columns
Thinks America needs voter reform

...lying, dope-head, con-man to office, they ought to have to suffer the consequences; otherwise, they cannot learn from their mistakes and will continue to elect people who are laughing stocks of the world. Allen W. Johnson, Augusta

Opinion columns
Cites Georgia Tech's many aberrations

...since. Yes Mr. Berardino, Georgia Tech is proud of its sports aberrations throughout history and you would probably enjoy writing your sports column if you would get your psychiatrist to change your medicine. Allen W. Johnson, Augusta

Mrs. Weegie (Mary H.) White (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

...Platt's, Crawford Avenue. Pallbearers include Tim Maund, Jerry Stallworth, John Bethell, J.T. Cosnahan, Allen W. Johnson, Clyde Farr, Colin Glennan, Jimmy Peebles, Wallace Zealy, Rex Teeslink and Will Evans. Memorials may be made...

Choose next superintendent wisely

Would it be possible to maybe get a superintendent who has a real academic degree?

Where's ACLU in Fort Gordon case?

Now that this Anthony Saxon case involving Fort Gordon is headed for court as soon as the psych exams are over (this may take a while), where is the ACLU?