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More than 7 decades after Pearl Harbor, remains from USS Oklahoma could be ID'd with new tests

CARY, N.C. - Dawn Silsbee and her siblings never knew their Uncle Bert. Now, nearly three-quarters of a century after that day of "infamy," their families might soon get the closure Bert Jacobson's mother was denied.
Friendship was forged in heat of 1964 civil rights struggle

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. - Roy DeBerry learned at an early age what could happen to a black boy who violated Mississippi's Jim Crow-era social code.
Newtown holds first funerals for school shooting victims

NEWTOWN, Conn. - A grief-stricken Newtown began burying the littlest victims of the school massacre, starting with two 6-year-old boys.
This job is mine

COAL RUN, Ky. - Sidney Coal Co. President Charlie Bearse was expressing an opinion that many in these mountains secretly share. Problem was, he put that opinion in writing.
Harry Potter is growing up - and so is my little girl

...have cared less about witches and warlocks sat transfixed in the back seat, not uttering a word. EDITOR'S NOTE: Allen G. Breed is the AP's Southeast regional writer, based in Raleigh.
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One bishop, many brides

DULUTH - Bathed in sunlight streaming through a stained-glass window of Jesus Christ, Gwen Robinson held the hand of one man of God as she listened to the words of another.
Tobacco farmers ride roller coaster of federal buyout talks

WHITAKERS, N.C. -- When Dwight Watson drove his tractor into a pond near the Washington Monument last spring to publicize the tobacco farmer's plight, angry commuters snarled in rush-hour traffic saw him as little more than a nutcase.
Unemployed face reality of a dying industry

...because he's where the action is, so to speak. "He's where it's all being done." * * * * EDITOR'S NOTE: Allen G. Breed is the AP's Southeast regional writer, based in Raleigh, N.C.
Pleasant Hill tranquillity

PLEASANT HILL, Ky. - I was proposing to my future wife and wanted everything to be perfect. I couldn't have scripted it better.
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Rights for All: From suffragettes to King and beyond, more than a dream

ATLANTA -- Four-year-old Jabari Flemings is gazing innocently up at a television monitor when his mother, Glenda, swiftly steps between him and the flickering image and gently nudges him along.