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Tragedy now a business enterprise?

...for the World Trade Center's surviving families to become millionaires. After all, our politicians are blinded to the utter corruption of these events by their lawyers, but please...not with my tax dollars. Allan Levene, Augusta
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Remember to cheque the spelling

...students out of school without learning English?" * * * * * On the column about the "Rules for Dating My Daughter," Allan Levene writes: "The rules should be credited to Neil Boortz, one of the best talk-show hosts out there." * * * * * And...
Bill Kirby
Trial lawyers not terrorists

Allan Levene's March 2 letter refers to trial lawyers as "economic terrorists" who should be legislated out of business. I disagree. I...
Left doesn't want win in terror war

In his recent rambling rant against America ("Iraq war echoes Stalingrad," May 16), Allan Levene revealed more than a lack of insight into the lessons of history. He also revealed the true nature of the American political left...
Class-action lawyers are terrorists who cost consumers money

...economic terrorists - the class-action lawyers who strike fear into the hearts and souls of American businesses. Allan Levene, Augusta --> Class-action lawyers are terrorists who cost consumers money Web posted Saturday, March 2, 2002...
Class-action lawyers are terrorists who cost consumers money fabric of our great nation. Why don't the politicians stop these economic terrorists? Many are lawyers and feed from the same trough. ... Call U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga. and demand change. Allan Levene, Augusta
Iraq war echoes Stalingrad

...Bush. It's just a matter of how many more American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians will die in Iraq being liberated before the end will come. They will have all died for nothing. Our government has failed us. Allan Levene, Evans