Alexander Williams' schizophrenia is for real

The Chronicle's lead editorial on Feb. 21 ("Going soft on death") regarded capital punishment for Alexander Williams. Mr. Williams is not, as the editor writes, "nutty as a fruitcake" or even "crazy." He has a serious mental...

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Execute Alexander Williams now

Why do I work? I guess it's to provide Alexander Williams with a place to live, food, clothes and utilities for free - things most people have to work hard for. I fully believe in the...

Janice Williams

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Mrs. Janice Alexander Williams, 60, of Springview Drive, entered into rest on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at her residence. Funeral services and interment will...

Clemency sought for murderer

...three days, Augusta native Alexander Williams is scheduled to die in a small...one's talking about letting Alexander Williams go ... the question is...augustachronicle.com. What's Next: Alexander Williams is scheduled to be executed...

Crazy defense

It may become known as the Alexander Williams defense, named after the Augusta rapist and murderer who...Pardons and Paroles excused convicted Augusta murderer Alexander Williams from the death penalty, because of psychiatrists' testimony...

Everybody wants to get into the act

...Some comments on repairing consolidation and the Alexander Williams case : Why is it that when Rep. Sue Burmeister...with Angie Attaway's Feb. 27 letter, "Laments Alexander Williams' commuted death sentence" about her friend, Aleta...

Readers say justice not done for Aleta Bunch

The decision to commute the sentence of Alexander Williams is once again a slap in the face to the friends...had the chance for someone to decide her fate. Alexander Williams decided it for her. The argument of whether not...

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Board spares killer's life

...Pardons and Paroles voted Monday afternoon to spare Alexander Williams from execution by lethal injection. The board members...given a second chance today, a second chance that Alexander Williams never gave (Aleta) Carol Bunch." Aleta's mother...

No second chance for the victim

...the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles commuted Alexander Williams' sentence from death to life in prison. This board...everything they need. I didn't choose to support Alexander Williams and will protest spending another dollar on his...

It's simple: Killers should be killed

...sentence of William Raspberry's Feb. 25 column, asking Georgia to not kill Alexander Williams, was almost enough to dissuade me from continuing. Alexander Williams raped, tortured and finally killed Aleta Bunch, and Mr. Raspberry has the...