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Kevin Steele: Watch out for Bandini Mountain

...Rome, Paul addresses followers of Christ who lived in Philippi, the town revitalized some 200 years before by Alexander the Great's father, Phillip II of Macedon. In the years following, the surrounding area, rich in gold, aided in elevating...
Perry's October trip to Israel sign of White House bid

...battle is wrong," he said. "Afghanistan is a good example of how we can learn from history but have not. From Alexander the Great to the British Empire to the Soviets, the people of Afghanistan remained the same. Why we thought we would have...
Anatomy of a superhero

...Here's a look at the Caped Crusader:THE BATMOBILE Heroes have long been tied to their conveyances, whether it's Alexander the Great and his super steed, Bucephalus, or Michael Knight and the talking car, KITT. Batman's Batmobile is a direct...
Titanic went down faster than some meals

...Adolf Hitler (vegetable soup and mashed potatoes).Some last suppers, Caldwell admits, are educated guesses. Alexander the Great, for instance, succumbed to malaria after a feast that lasted for days.The meal that jumped off the pages...
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Stone sinks on second attempt at 'Alexander'

...audience the opportunity to engage with, or even understand, the intrigue-laden plot. Epic in scale, the story of Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) has always frightened filmmakers. The mere geography of the project, which encompasses most...
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...deserts, the Silk Road guided camel caravans to and from Central Asia and Europe. Marco Polo, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great followed its paths. Organizers hope to relieve the region's isolation and poverty by adjusting policies to promote...
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Mini reviews

...Done with skill, but disposable. Augusta Village and Masters ALEXANDER (HH, R) Oliver Stone's epic about Alexander the Great stars Colin Farrell stars as the king who conquered the known world before his death at 32. Masters, begins Friday...
Macedonian relics depict life and times of world conqueror

...Alexander, the historical personage from scholarly research and archaeological digs, the Greek organizers say. "Alexander the Great: Treasures From an Epic Era of Hellenism," opening Friday at the Onassis Cultural Center, presents some 200...
Mini reviews

...track them down. Augusta Exchange and Evans, ends today in Aiken ALEXANDER (HH, R) Oliver Stone's epic about Alexander the Great is ambitious and sincere, but fails to find a focus for its story. Colin Farrell stars as the king who conquered...
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LONDON - Princess Diana was self-conscious about her intelligence, or lack of it, according to videotapes broadcast in the United States.
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