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Pelosi's swamp of corruption

...prostitute who was living with him. This is hard to believe, but there is even talk that Pelosi will name Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., to be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, a highly sensitive post requiring trust, secrecy...
Legislation passes making it harder to wipe away debt

...face crushing medical bills. The legislation "protects the credit industry at the expense of the consumer," Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., declared in House debate. "It will drive more Americans deeper into financial crisis and weaken the...
They're the ones who threw the bums in!

...into office. A perfect example is the man who made that repulsive quote just below Mr. Thomas's column: Rep. Alcee Hastings got caught taking bribes as a federal judge, and is now a congressman in Florida! So until the uneducated and blind...
Public has been lied to by politicians

...sacrilege, we now have instigator Jesse Jackson's request for a federal investigation, assisted by Ex-Judge Alcee Hastings. Judge Hastings' record is well documented and should speak for itself. Need I say more? Every sane American knows...
Opinion columns
Congressional circus coming to town

...ABSCAM written all over him, to be House majority leader. Then, they nominate Rep. Alcee Hastings to be the House Intelligence Committee chairman. Alcee Hastings! Hastings was thrown off the federal bench for corruption! Equally astounding is...
You want corruption? Look at the Dems

...then hired by a clergyman (the Rev. Jesse Jackson) who had also used a subordinate for sex. Federal judge Alcee Hastings, impeached and removed from office over bribery charges. Four years later, he was elected to Congress. I could...