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...drugs in airport Damon Stoudamire was arrested on marijuana charges after allegedly trying to pass through an airport metal detector with almost 1 1/2 ounces of the drug wrapped in aluminum foil. The Portland Trail Blazers' guard was stopped...
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Iron disorder victim to speak

AIKEN - No matter what she is wearing, Camille Roberge-Myers always sets off airport metal detectors. When she was diagnosed in August with hemochromatosis, or iron overload disorder, she wondered whether the phenomenon was related...
Little-known rule allows passengers to carry knives on commercial planes

...frequently said they themselves have dropped Swiss Army knives into plastic containers as they walked through airport metal detectors, only to pick them up afterward, and carry them aboard. American Airlines, citing the government's ongoing...
Odds and Ends

...into the landing lights of an airliner as you rush to clear an airport runway of snow. Or try getting through airport metal detectors in steel-toed boots. At a kind of group-therapy session Monday, more than 500 managers and crewmen swapped...
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Woodson, James will play Super Bowl on broken legs

...treated with a cast or a boot. The plates often are permanent, but they're usually not big enough to set off airport metal detectors. "Charles and Tory are able to do most of the things we require of them," said Garrett Giemont, the Raiders...
Brauer: Economics of terrorism deserves consideration

...governments constrain one avenue of terror, terrorists will substitute and pursue another. The installation of airport metal detectors from 1973 onward induced terrorists to increase attacks on other targets, such as embassies. And as embassies...
Caution: Anything you post can and may be used against you

...of concern pops up when the object of the threat is an elected official. Like the "no jokes" signs posted by airport metal detectors, the FBI has no sense of humor when it comes to threatening officeholders. "We can't forget all those idiots...
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