US is leaving its best hope for victory in the Ryder cup back home

...Bill Haas and Webb Simpson. They probably didn't make any for Billy. You're taking a whole team and putting them on an airplane in a week, it's hard to shift gears."Watson agrees: "Three weeks, I think that's a logical place to make your final...

SC House Speaker Bobby Harrell on misconduct charges related to campaign money violations

...third of that, or $93,958, went toward his privately owned airplane. Roughly another third, or $96,381, was reported as reimbursements...taxpayers pick up the tab."Similarly, I have often used my own airplane, at no cost to the taxpayers, for official state travel when...

Augusta hospitals monitor, prep for Ebola

...doctor-to-patient ratios in West Africa, as much as 86,000 patients per physician, the study notes. And then there are airplanes."Because of contemporary international travel, with the ability to now board a plane and be virtually anywhere in the...

Quadcopters - not drones - flying off retail shelves

...technology is because they look cooler and are easier to fly than airplanes," said Dave Connar, of HobbyTown USA on Bobby Jones Expressway...more accessible and may even soon top remote-controlled airplane sales.Connar now has 10 to 20 models in stock that range...

School supplies weren't just for school

...could before it dried. (Students today have computers, but we had good old No. 2s.)Notebook paper was good for making airplanes and holding contests outside, or for passing notes in class. The girls would make "cootie catchers" with them.I remember...

Paper airplane from the upper deck hits player

...Stadium, soccer fans entertained themselves by tossing paper airplanes from their seats near the top of the stadium.One of those...field. Which is remarkable, given I've never made a paper airplane fly more than five feet.

Ga. highway closes to move big plane

...in central Georgia will be temporarily closed as a C-130 airplane is moved.WMAZ-TV reports the highway closures are planned...Robins Air Force Base officials said in a statement that the airplane will be moved from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.They say its...

Kirby: A slide rule numbers ninja is a thing of the past

...the smell of a freshly mimeographed pop quiz being passed out," I said. "It smelled sort of like a cross between model airplane cement and leaded gasoline ... "The reporter showed little interest in my wistful nostalgia and hurried away to Tweet something...

Columbia County coroner to borrow trailer instead of buy one

...000.The unit would come in handy in mass casualty situations, such as a plane crash, Collins said."If you have an airplane and people are scattered everywhere, it's easier to take (bodies) 10 at a time instead of one by one," he said.When...

Ohio airport tests new way to avoid deadly bird strikes

...goal is, by the end of this year, to plant the tall grass under the takeoff and landing paths.There are more than 10,000 airplane bird strikes a year in the U.S. Most do little or no damage to the plane. The most frequent problem is damage to the engines...