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FAA forecast: High air fares most of this decade

...available in the nation's air travel network.U.S. airline travel is expected to nearly double over the next 20 years...Florida and Houston Intercontinental.The growth in airline travel won't be evenly distributed. The miles passengers...
Cheap tickets from coupon brokers risky

...may see ads for business-class or first-class airline travel at deeply discounted prices, as much as 70 percent...its readers about the things they most care about in airline travel and has found that seat comfort on a long flight is...
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Profits of disaster

...which has operated on tight profit margins during recent years, making it vulnerable to a heavy economic blow. Airline travel is off 34 percent since Sept. 11, and will likely limp along for some time to come. The situation required immediate...
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More Than Skin Deep: Feel glamorous on a daily basis

...stuff up together. Now we have the glamorous iPad and cell phones with big bills that aren't pictured with them.Airline travel was, and still is, portrayed as a glamorous experience with photos of flight. What could be more glamorous than...
Barrow donates frequent-flier miles to support wounded military personnel and their families

...are grateful for his generous support, and the many donors who make this special program possible. It is gifts like this that allow us to eliminate the barrier and expense of airline travel to meet the needs of our military families."
Enthusiasts enjoy all aspects of airline travel

Eric Mueller's vacation started when his plane filled with smoke. Soon, people slid down an emergency chute, inflated life vests and climbed into a raft.
Knowing 'rights' can minimize airline-travel difficulties

Overbooked flights, delays and cancellations are just a few of the headaches associated with air travel. Knowing how to deal with the airlines will help alleviate some of the frustration and mean better compensation when you are inconvenienced. So says Bob Blanchard, director of the hospitality program at Johnson & Wales University's campus in Charleston, S.C. Mr. Blanchard, a former director of marketing for United Airlines, tells travelers that there are steps they can take to minimize air-travel difficulties.
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Scuttlebiz: Waiting for the next airline surcharge cards had tons of fees to nickel-and-dime their customers to turn a profit? Welcome to the new model of airline travel. First we had to buy our meals before we boarded the jet. Then we started paying extra for heavier luggage. Now...
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Protecting the passengers

...themselves. We hope someone asks about airline delays, passenger screening and a much-needed Passenger Bill of Rights. Airline travel has become a nightmare for many, an incredible inconvenience for most. Horror stories of passengers kept trapped...
School reunions

...The students have been holding fund-raisers to assist in offsetting the cost, which totals $3,000 for food, airline travel, transportation, conference registration and other expenses. This is Glenn Hill's fifth-straight year attending...