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Airlines upbeat despite winter filled with cancellations

...February after scrubbing 4,000 in January.All the dark clouds of this winter might contain another silver lining for airlines: Travel agents have been swamped by people looking to escape the cold."This really, really tough winter that we've...
More Than Skin Deep: Feel glamorous on a daily basis

...stuff up together. Now we have the glamorous iPad and cell phones with big bills that aren't pictured with them.Airline travel was, and still is, portrayed as a glamorous experience with photos of flight. What could be more glamorous than...
Obama budget could boost fees on air travelers

...the charge twice, once for each leg of the trip.Airlines say raising the passenger fee would slow the recovery in airline travel, which helped the airlines earn about $2.3 billion in profit last year after losing billions in 2008 and 2009...
Flying early can ward off invasive airport screenings

...Travelers took to the roads and skies Monday for what is predicted to be a busy holiday weekend. Officials expect airline travel to increase this year over last by 3.5 percent, according to a report by the Air Transport Association of America...
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Sanford's 'back channel' link to office still mystery

...and private plane flights is under way. One GOP state senator who looked into the governor's pricey commercial airline travel said Sanford broke the law, and no House Republicans came to the governor's defense Saturday when lawmakers met...
Executives fly their own planes to make most of every minute

...the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association often hears from people who are either "fed up with the difficulties of airline travel or they're trying to make better use of their time." "In general, if your trip is 500 miles or less, you can...
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Scuttlebiz: Waiting for the next airline surcharge cards had tons of fees to nickel-and-dime their customers to turn a profit? Welcome to the new model of airline travel. First we had to buy our meals before we boarded the jet. Then we started paying extra for heavier luggage. Now...
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Protecting the passengers

...themselves. We hope someone asks about airline delays, passenger screening and a much-needed Passenger Bill of Rights. Airline travel has become a nightmare for many, an incredible inconvenience for most. Horror stories of passengers kept trapped...
Airport asks businesses about travel habits

...air carrier do you use most often? - How many times in the past 12 months did your company travel from other airports? - How many trips did you or your employees take by car rather than plane? - What's your annual airline travel budget?
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School reunions

...The students have been holding fund-raisers to assist in offsetting the cost, which totals $3,000 for food, airline travel, transportation, conference registration and other expenses. This is Glenn Hill's fifth-straight year attending...