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Consumer Prices Rise Slightly

WASHINGTON -- Higher prices for gasoline and airline fares helped nudge consumer prices a modest 0.3 percent...on an annualized basis, than last year. The rise in airline fares, of 6.5 percent in July, surprised some economists...
Consumer prices dip; industrial production surges, housing sizzles

...cheaper gasoline, clothes and airline fares, fresh evidence that products, clothing and airline fares outweighed rising prices for food...month dropped by 0.5 percent, airline fares fell 2.6 percent, lodging prices...
Consumer prices rise 0.2 percent in June

...percent in June as the cost of energy, clothes and airline fares rose. Big industry boosted production for the merchants discount apparel to motivate shoppers. Airline fares were up 2 percent in June, the largest increase in...
Consumer prices edge up just 0.1 percent

...few scattered trouble spots such as meat, oranges and airline fares. February marked the third consecutive monthly components edged up 0.1 percent in February. Airline fares jumped 2.4 percent, hospital services rose 0.5...
Inflation cools; Wall Street heats up

...Price Index at all if it had not been for a big jump in airline fares. Investors read Tuesday's price report as a heartening...all of 1996, which had been the best in 23 years. Airline fares were up 4.5 percent in March, the biggest increase...
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`Lowest' airline fares hard to come by

WASHINGTON - Some cross-country air travelers may pay $1,000 more than the passenger in the next seat, even though both asked for the "lowest" fare, a consumer group reports. A lot depends on how hard a travel agent searches for the best fare, and that can depend on how hard the customer pushes them, said Janice Shields of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. "You have to let them know you really want to lowest fare," she said. Ask: "Is that really the lowest? And they will look again."
Rants and raves cheerful, efficient and professional. What a terrific person to have taking calls for such a vast institution. AIRLINE FARES INCREASING, paying for peanuts, cramped conditions, cancelled flights and now a luggage penalty, OH MY, how I...
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Pocket change facts and figures for consumers, but they are likely to find themselves paying in the future for stock quotes, airline fares and other information, according to a study by professors at the University of Rochester's William E. Simon Graduate...
Urges removal of Bush Field director

...statements ... about another airport were absurdities. He alienated and almost lost Garrett, an important tenant. Airline fares from Bush have increased and service has diminished, resulting in a popular van shuttle to Atlanta. The Bush Field...
Low inflation gives Fed room to keep rates down

...percent. That drop, the first monthly decline since December 1982, reflected falling prices for housing, new cars and airline fares.The news was better than expected, especially after the government said Thursday that inflation at the wholesale...