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Airlines plan to add more fees

...on AirTran and enjoy the extra legroom, expect to cough up $20. - Allegiant Air, a smaller national discount airline, charges a $13.50 "convenience fee" for online purchases, even though most other carriers encourage purchases direct...
Allegiant Air flies notion of offering variable-rate ticket

...confusing."In part, that's because it already takes some work to figure out Allegiant's prices at booking. The airline charges a $14.99 "convenience fee" for using its Web site. Unless they opt out, passengers are automatically sold assigned...
Is price discrimination the next trend in e-commerce?

...Say an airline has 10 seats left on a flight and needs $4,000 in revenue to make the trip profitable. If the airline charges $400 for each seat, that might not tempt enough people to bring about a moneymaking sellout. However, if the airline...
Sports cars of the computer world

...them, convenient for backup. The drive is removable to save weight, but it's hard to see doing that unless your airline charges by the ounce. A lot is built in to the two-tone gray case, including a wireless LAN, 56 kilobits per second dial-up...
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