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Mrs. Claus reads Christmas stories to children

A special guest from the North Pole arrived at Aiken's H. Odell Weeks Activity Center on Tuesday to spread Christmas cheer. Dressed in red, Mrs. Santa Claus read to approximately 150 parents and children who gathered...
Skaters stoked about contest

AIKEN --- The hospital flip is Evan Dunker's skateboarding trick of choice, but he's hoping potential younger skaters can look past bone-crushing aerial tricks to pick up a skateboard themselves.
Aiken | Metro
Swinging around town

Isiah Dedmondt, 3, of Johnston, enjoys a swing ride with his father, George, near Aiken's H. Odell Weeks Activity Center .
Run with the wind

Steffi Decker, 8, of Orlando, Fla., tries to get her kite to fly Monday by running to catch a breeze outside Aiken's H. Odell Weeks Activities Center. Steffi was in Aiken with family members.
Family outing

Carolyn Buck takes a walk with granddaughter Naomoi Buck, 3, who pushes her brother Jacob as he sleeps. The family was on the track at Aiken's H. Odell Weeks Activity Center on Monday.