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Member wins contract

AIKEN - As an Aiken County councilman, Charles Barton isn't allowed to influence the county in any way that could help him financially. But he walked a fine line...
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Former Aiken councilman is arrested

AIKEN - Russ Ferrara, a former Aiken County councilman and onetime legislative candidate, was What's Next: Former Aiken County Councilman Russ Ferrara is scheduled to have a bond hearing...
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Tax windfall may help Aiken County fund road projects

AIKEN - Aiken County Councilman Willar Hightower wants to do something about the county's poorly maintained dirt roads. Last week, the Aiken Democrat even...
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One-man crew at Sage Mill Fire Station won't benefit Bridgestone

Aiken County Councilman Chuck Smith circulated a letter to several local newspapers and...smoke the last seven months. (Editor's note: The writer is an Aiken County councilman and the GVW fire chief.)
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Tax raise for school considered

AIKEN -- Aiken Technical College's request for more money could go either way, said an Aiken County Councilman who asked the council to consider the request at a recent budget work session. "I think it's a tossup," District 4 Councilman...
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Eleanor Cullinan

...daughter of William "Bill" Wood Nofer, and Mary Agnus Murphy Nofer. Ellie was predeceased by her husband, former Aiken County Councilman, Ralph F. Cullinan, and by her only sibling, Mary Nofer Haines of Maine. Ellie was raised in Philadelphia...
Five Questions with Aiken County Councilman Chuck Smith

Mr. Smith, of Edward Jones investment services, is an Aiken County Council member.
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Councilman receives his daughter's kidney

...father in Aiken County will be able to live a more active life because of the sacrifice of one of his daughters. Aiken County Councilman Willar Hightower underwent a kidney-transplant operation a week ago, and the kidney came from his middle daughter...
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Council debates gift of utilities to builder issue that would fund public utilities for a private developer is beginning to face political opposition. Aiken County Councilman Scott Singer has announced he'll campaign to kill the deal before it's approved, and state Sen. Greg Ryberg...
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Carolina rants and raves

I WANT TO KNOW why former Aiken County Councilman Russ Ferrara was able to fix his property taxes and why the Aiken County solicitor refuses to investigate or prosecute complaints...