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FDA approves new AIDS treatment

...approved a new once-a-day medicine that offers the first good alternative for patients who cannot take today's best AIDS treatment. DuPont Pharmaceuticals' Sustiva appears to be about as effective as protease inhibitors, the landmark medicines...
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AIDS treatments not available to some

...virus through drug use, the first national study of AIDS treatment found. Blacks, Latinos, people with Medicaid exist throughout the health system, not just in AIDS treatment. But unlike other diseases, most people with the...
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Despite early lower viral load, women get AIDS as fast as men

...AIDS just as swiftly as men, according to a new study. The research published Thursday backs up recent changes in AIDS treatment guidelines that place less emphasis on virus counts in determining when men and women should start taking anti-HIV...
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New AIDS treatment focusing on immune restoration

GENEVA -- "It's hard to tell if the glass is half full or half empty," Ilana Fogelman said, shrugging her shoulders. She was speaking of her Food and Drug Administration research on the immune responses of AIDS patients who have been taking the powerful triple-drug combination therapy called HAART. Pointing to her work, posted on a wall at the 12th World Conference on AIDS here, she knitted her brow and then concluded, "We'll have to do some more research."
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HIV/AIDS treatment directory now online

PHILADELPHIA -- AIDS patients and their doctors can read the latest information on research, treatments and drug interaction warnings on the new online directory of the American Foundation for AIDS Research.\r
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Scaled-back AIDS treatment fails

Two experimental attempts to cut down on the 15 to 20 pills a day that HIV-infected people must take to keep AIDS at bay failed when the virus bounced back quickly in many patients. Over the past few years, the three-drug AIDS "cocktail" has turned AIDS from a death sentence to a manageable illness. However, patients must take their pills on an excruciatingly precise schedule. Some pills must be taken with a quart of water, some on an empty stomach, some only after eating. Missing a few can let the virus mutate into forms resistant to the drugs.
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Doctors stop AIDS treatment to control HIV infection

CHICAGO -- The tentative results of a small human experiment offer a glimmer of possibility that the body's own defense system can be trained to hold down the AIDS virus. The clearly risky approach attempts to mimic the success of the much-talked-about "Berlin patient," a newly infected German man who stopped and started AIDS therapy and eventually quit it entirely, only to discover that his virus had inexplicably disappeared. He has remained free of HIV for two years.
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S.C. House proposal cuts funds for health care

COLUMBIA --- South Carolina would cut spending for cancer screening, AIDS treatment and prevention and prescription drugs to cover a shortfall in state court and police funding under a proposal House members were...
Discovery of HIV hiding place crushes hope of curing AIDS

...the long haul. It has shifted the ultimate goal of AIDS treatment toward something less ambitious. Since eradicating...was obvious in 1996, the dawn of the modern age of AIDS treatment. Doctors watched AIDS patients literally get up from...
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Rants and raves

...leaders. They're trying to figure out how to pay for so many things, yet they give South Africa $120 million for AIDS treatment drugs. What? South Africa doesn't have any money? Don't they have diamonds there? We're broke and our leaders...
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