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Rants and raves

...leaders. They're trying to figure out how to pay for so many things, yet they give South Africa $120 million for AIDS treatment drugs. What? South Africa doesn't have any money? Don't they have diamonds there? We're broke and our leaders...
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Facility, group will talk business devices to a brace of joint grant proposals with the Medical College of Georgia focused on technology that would aid treatment and surgery for patients with facial and cranial cancer, the lab has developed scientific expertise that ranges...
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Lab, MCG vow to work together

...Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C., both focused on technology that would aid treatment and surgery for patients with facial and cranial cancer and birth defects. Mr. Wright said scientists from his lab...
NATO to train Greek forces on chemical and biological warfare a statement Friday. During the Olympics, the ministry said the two units will be called upon to provide "first aid treatment to government units which will be responding in a potential incident." Greece is seeking also NATO's help with...
Peace efforts, terror and oil dominated in Africa - and a pariah departed

...had aborted most previous votes. And after years of pressure, South Africa finally approved a plan to provide free AIDS treatment to all who need it by 2005. The move offered the first hope for its 5.3 million citizens infected with HIV.
Asia debates whether China's manned space mission a good investment

...whether the nation's space money would be better spent on more pressing issues: severe unemployment, rural poverty, AIDS treatment and water shortages. Most people in the region woke up to the news that the Shenzhou 5 craft landed on the grasslands...
Pocket change

...nearly 40,000 work-hours without a recordable injury, which is defined as an injury requiring more than first-aid treatment but less than a missed work day. First Bank of Georgia posts year-end profits The holding company for First Bank...
Discovery of HIV hiding place crushes hope of curing AIDS

...the long haul. It has shifted the ultimate goal of AIDS treatment toward something less ambitious. Since eradicating...was obvious in 1996, the dawn of the modern age of AIDS treatment. Doctors watched AIDS patients literally get up from...
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Bill to create African AIDS fund

...progress for whole continents. Five major pharmaceutical companies, responding to complaints that new effective AIDS treatments are beyond the reach of millions of Africans with the disease because of high costs, have agreed to make substantial...
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Shocking device helps missionaries He said he's not interested in selling the idea or pushing for medical acceptance of electric shock first aid treatment. In fact, he's not all that impressed with his status as an inventor. He keeps the patent certificate inside a...