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Churches involved in AIDS prevention

Churches have a unique opportunity -- and responsibility -- to take part in AIDS prevention, says Pamela Baker, the executive director of RHEMA Connections, the nonprofit organization of Macedonia Baptist Church.She...
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Educator is placing brochures in stores

...consider beauty shops and grocery stores important battlegrounds in the war against AIDS, but as one of the few AIDS-prevention educators in south Georgia, she has learned to reach out to people wherever she can. "You have to start somewhere...
AIDS rate in D.C. area women among highest

...infection rates among Job Corps entrants declined by 50 percent between 1990 and 1996, signaling the partial success of AIDS prevention programs. The Job Corps is a national program for poor, out-of-school youth. The study examined rates of infection...
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FDA allows large-scale AIDS vaccine trial

...WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration has granted permission to VaxGen Inc. for the clinical trials of an AIDS prevention vaccine. The San Francisco-based drug maker said it expects to begin tests this month in what it called the first...
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Identify HIV predators

...dozens of unsuspecting girls before being stopped highlights the need for congressional passage of H.R. 1062, the AIDS Prevention Act of 1997. The girls and their parents demanded -- and got -- what H.R. 1062 mandates: make public health...
AIDS toll greater among blacks

...couldn't navigate and a community too often in the dark on safe-sex messages. It's easier to get information on AIDS prevention and treatment these days, and Vaughn's patients are living healthier and longer. But there are still vast disparities...
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The success of AIDS prevention strategies

HIV-positive mothers aren't passing the virus on to their babies. AIDS from blood transfusions are almost non-existent. And new infections are down among intravenous drug users. As the AIDS epidemic has unfolded over the past 20 years, public health officials have been able to narrow many of the pathways to infection using a variety of prevention strategies. But there remain persistent pockets of at-risk groups in the United States in which infection rates have remained high and may even be rising again, according to the nation's top AIDS warriors.
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Group asks for help in AIDS battle

...nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide HIV/AIDS prevention education and support for those infected by HIV...catalyst for change and start a movement based on HIV/AIDS prevention." It was for a similar reason the organization expanded...
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Across the area

...a tractor-trailer, then swerved and hit a van before striking a concrete divider. AIDS prevention event is postponed The No Sex, Safe Sex AIDS Prevention Campaign event scheduled for Saturday at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center has...
Grant will help group fight AIDS

...youth help." she said. "They were looking for small, grass-roots organizations that were already doing HIV and AIDS prevention." The group has two AIDS programs already active: Positive Outcomes-Clinic and Positive Outcomes-Community...