Many of Deal's top aides, executive branch officials get pay raises

...ATLANTA - Many of Gov. Nathan Deal's top aides and senior executive branch officials got...Journal-Constitution found that several top aides in Deal's office saw their pay rise by...are necessary to keep from losing good aides who had not received raises since 2011...

You Remembered: Driver's education

...Callier. He was my driver's instructor my sophomore year at Butler.During my junior year, one of my electives was being an aide to coach Callier. I would help him in instructing the new drivers on safety issues and also help them understand that he was...

Dems disingenuous

...cares about the middle class simply by using the phrase "middle-class economics" in his State of the Union address.Obama aides recently mocked former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by essentially saying, "Oh, now he cares about poverty." How disingenuous...

Shades of 'Selma': Georgia still fighting battles for religious liberty

...the bloody fight in Selma, Ala. I NEVER MET Dr. King. He was killed when I was only 3 years old. As a young congressional aide in 1991, I did, however, meet U.S. Rep. John Lewis, another key figure in the movie. We were on a flight from Washington...

Once useful boxes now filled with junk

...young man looks at him and says, "I'm a pilot!"The general turns to his aide and says, "Sign him up -- all the paperwork done, everything, do it today!"The aide hustles the young man off.The general looks at the second young man and...

Event honors career of Georgian Senator Walter F. George

...1956, he was almost universally respected by Democrats and Republicans alike, and most doubted he could be replaced.As fellow U.S. Sen. Richard Russell once complained to an aide, "They're not sending us any more Walter Georges."

Make this address real

...day?Indeed, noting President Obama's expected left-wing proposals, CBS's Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer asked an aide to the president Sunday whether "you in any way shape or form believe that a new Republican Congress is going to do what a Congress...

Jeb Bush resigns business posts

...board memberships on Wednesday, the last day of the year, an aide said Wednesday night. It's a continuation of a process...R-Iowa, one of Congress' most strident immigration critics. An aide cited a scheduling conflict, although Bush is one of the few...

Aide's resignation heightens Sen. Rand Paul's war with neocons

...Rand Paul as a bigot for having an aide who once expressed admiration for Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth.The aide, Jack Hunter, who quit Monday, was...Senate term.But the issue with his aide has muddled Mr. Paul's image."There...

Romney sparks new 2016 primary competition among GOP establishment

...Rick Perry, and Wisconsin's Walker are also slated to appear. Other would-be presidential contenders are sending senior aides to the three-day meeting to gauge interest in a prospective run.Romney was added to the program just 36 hours before Wednesday's...