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Doctors issue warning on rare type of cancer

...document four cases over four years that at first appeared to be persistent hemorrhoids but turned out to be a rare and aggressive cancer called anal melanoma. All four patients died. In fact, one of the reasons for lead author Michael Felz and his...
Better cancer treatments coming

...become the champion of cancer treatment. People with aggressive cancers view the revolution with a reserve learned three years. "I hope it is killing the aggressive cancer cells that are killing me," she said. "I'm...
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Extra weight brings higher risks for men

...cancers to grow more." She was presenting another study that showed smaller prostates were associated with more aggressive cancers and that the prostate might be smaller because of lower levels of male hormones resulting from obesity. Part of...
All donated blood safe, doctors say

...bruising at the slightest touch two years ago that the preschooler was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a devastatingly aggressive cancer. Christopher, now 7, already was in the final stage of the disease. His life became an exhausting cycle of surgeries...
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Breast cancer prevention drug recommend

...eyesight. Nor does anyone know if breast cancer that appears in women who unsuccessfully tried tamoxifen will have more aggressive cancer, ultimately less treatable by drugs. The NCI study originally said tamoxifen was preventing breast cancer. But...
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Daniel Phillips

...watching the Gonzaga and Georgia Bulldogs and Spokane Chiefs. Dan was diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive cancer, in March of 2011. The primary site of his cancer was a growth on his back that appeared insignificant for many...