Ramblin' Rhodes: Sanders was gentleman who made Augusta better

...Sanders came back with his death on Sunday, Nov. 16, at the age of 89.He became governor in 1963, the same year I graduated...I was flying B-17 bombers, the Flying Fortress, at the age of 19," he said.After the war ended, he went back to the...

'Nutcracker' fans have four chances at ballet

...Augusta in a while," said Hergott, who left Augusta at the age of 15 to pursue her passion for dance. Hergott also danced with...performing. I was fortunate to perform Sugar Plum at such a young age, and I'm excited to do it again years later in my hometown...

We've got serious healing to do

...alone. The fact that they feared they might ? that the rest of us would tolerate a great racial injustice in this day and age ? is sad, and needs addressing.We've got some serious healing to do.Regardless, the truth is, few such cases have...

Countdown clocks remind Clemson players of failure against South Carolina

...motivation."There's no way to deflect pressure. It's not like they live in a cave," Swinney said. "In this day an age you can't insulate your players from negativity. You have to create a culture in your program that hopefully teaches guys...

Lydia Griffith

GRANITEVILLE, S.C. - Lydia Napier Griffith, age 63, of Graniteville, S.C., wife of the late McDonald "Dink" Griffith and loving daughter of Dorothy Minor Napier of Graniteville...

Atlanta's third base alternative

...prior to the 2014 season. Freeman is getting a little more money than Seager, but Freeman established himself at a younger age, and the Braves are paying for more prime years. It's good that Atlanta was able to lock up its cornerstone like Seattle...

Woman shot outside MARTA station

...two appear to speak for about 5 to 6 minutes before a struggle ensues, and the woman is shot. The man appears to take something and run away.Police say they didn't find any identification on the woman. They estimate her age at 18 to 21.

South Carolina family achieves goal to start funding Sanfilippo syndrome trial

...The disease slowly takes away a child's ability to perform basic functions such as eating and walking. After peaking around age 4, untreated patients might be restricted to wheelchair use and risk dying in their teens."We used to say that she was still...

Could Pacquiao-Mayweather fight become a reality?

...the attendant asks me."Neither fighter is the same as he was five years ago, when the clamor first began for the fight. Age has taken a toll, if ever so slightly, on their reflexes and speed.But they both have plenty left, as Pacquiao showed when...

25 Smart Ways to Handle a $1,000 Windfall

...in? Just choose the target retirement fund with the target date closest to when you plan on retiring ? probably between the ages of 65 and 70. Idea #4 ? Open Up a Roth IRA What if your employer doesn't offer a 401(k)? In that case, open a Roth...