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Battle of Aiken re-enactors united by love of history, shared challenges

A day spent with the re-enactors attending the Battle of Aiken on Friday and Saturday will reveal a culture of passionate men and women bonded by a mutual love of American history and camaraderie born from collective hardship.
Marker will tell story of Sherman's march to sea

ATLANTA - A new monument commemorates the start, 150 years ago this week, of a powerful army's sweep across Georgia, bringing liberation to slaves.
Tour shows off central Georgia Civil War site

MACON, Ga. - The house got the name because it was struck with a cannonball fired from a mile away by Union troops.
Efforts underway to preserve Revolutionary War battlefield

The Battle of Brier Creek unfolded March 3, 1779, in nearby Screven County, when a British force of 1,500 men led by Col. Marc Prevost circled back on Gen. John Ashe's encamped Patriot army, which included about 1,700 soldiers.
To discover early American history, just follow Paul Revere

Unlike Paul Revere, you don't need to look to Boston's Old North Church for two lanterns to see that you should hit the road for Concord and Lexington, Mass.
Thousands expected in Normandy for D-Day anniversary

COMMES, France - Weather conditions over Normandy had been iffy for days. Showers and wind in the morning gave way to glorious spring sunshine in the afternoon, then electric green lightning storms over the sea at night.
Hiking and learning on the Civil War battlefields

FREDERICK, Md. - About 150 years after the "Battle that Saved Washington," journalist and Civil War buff Keith White leads a dozen friends on a tour of the farmland south of here...
Fort McHenry to mark bicentennial of battle, anthem

Fort McHenry expert tells the behind-the-scenes story of the fort, the national anthem, Francis Scott Key and the War of 1812.
Union prisoner's letter reveals Augusta's Civil War past

...prisoners of war here from time to time during the Civil War," he said. "Certainly wounded prisoners were brought here after the Battle of Chickamauga late in 1863."The date on the envelope would have placed Marshall in Augusta during the confusing...
Muslim woman achieves milestone in the nationals

...which saved its biggest cheers for lifters in the final throes of getting the bar over their shoulders cleanly.After the battle she went through just to get to the nationals, Abdullah's main focus was simply about competing."I think the...