Georgia stands alone

...among the strongest in the nation. The AFT -- unlike another union, the National...South Carolina also got "good grades" from AFT, but Georgia was rated higher. And there's...the kind of program that so impressed the AFT. The union especially lauded the state's...

Where we live

Debi Miller's debut as a painter came at age 16, when she painted the name of her parents' boat on the aft. Now, at 44, she works on anything she can get her paintbrush on. "My favorite thing to paint is walls inside homes, but...

Airlines don't improve

...several-month investigation initiated by the Senate Commerce Committee last year after public complaints became as loud as aft-row seating in a MD-80. The airline industry said it would address the complaints voluntarily and improve service, but...

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What Is It?

...and were selected individually rather than as part of packages, as is the norm today. The scalloped fender treatment fore and aft of the front wheel was a unique styling treatment for 1958 only."Lincolns were a rare sight in 1958 in my small town. Simply...

Largemouth bass love floating plastic worms

...pre-rigged with gold hooks mounted fore and aft along a single strand of strong monofilament...floating worm with small gold hooks fore and aft. "You'd think the hooks are too small...pre-rigged with gold hooks mounted fore and aft along a single strand of strong monofilament...

Anglers from 40 states to converge for fish-off

...Only the points champions from each division can compete in the AFT Divisional Angler of the Year Fish-Off. Competitors will weigh...These same anglers plus several hundred more will compete in the AFT National Championship on Thurmond Lake on Oct. 23-25, according...

Let's have national sales tax

...What's particularly gratifying about the AFT proposal, however, is that it doesn't...Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas chairman and AFT founder Leo Linbeck Jr. even presented...was intrigued, but non-committal). AFT sets the federal sales tax at a uniform...

Four Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from the USS Philippine Sea

...failing to leave the launcher. It lighted up the sea and aft deck until it burned out. Tiny bits of hot metal rained...An announcement was issued: "Restrained firing aft. Restrained firing aft. Do not go aft. If you're aft, take cover. Later...

Super District candidates have different approaches

...lead" continues after two terms serv ing District 2 on the Au gusta Commission. Har old Jones said he wants to "make change" aft er talking and writing about it.The two men, each seeking the Super District 9 post on the commission, revealed different...

Kentucky's education reform left unwanted legacy

...Federation of Teachers as proof of progress. The AFT's latest report says that a state must...eight satisfactory ratings. According to AFT's system, Kentucky does not have quality standards overall. AFT rated 10 out of 12 Georgia standards as...

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