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The Artside: Jack Davis has made mark in pop culture, political satire

...Newsweek, TV Guide, Playboy and Esquire magazines, and hundreds of album covers, movie posters and groundbreaking advertising images.He has been described as a master of caricature, composition and crowd scenes. A profile on the Jack Davis Foundation...
Hershey settles lawsuit over book's cover

...might think Hershey authorized the book, the dust jacket of which also includes a Hershey's Kiss and two older advertising images. Author Michael D'Antonio called the settlement "a victory for people who can't tell the difference between...
Hershey sues publisher over candy bar image on book

...depicts a Hershey's Kiss, a subtitle in a font similar to the paper wrapper inside a Kiss, and two older Hershey advertising images. Alexis Welby, a Simon & Schuster publicist, had no immediate comment Monday. The 305-page book, by New York...
New home-video releases

...background feature, two music videos, a making-of segment on one of the videos and a collection of the movie's advertising images. TAXI (20TH CENTURY FOX, $29.98): Queen Latifah's a sassy cabbie and Jimmy Fallon's an inept undercover...
Joe Camel unable to get out from under Marlboro Man

...Pack, his musician buddies. The cool, street-smart Joe would become one of the most popular and recognized advertising images, a party animal who appealed strongly to young people. As the ad campaign took hold, Camel sales among young...