Let's call the exterminator

...appeasement and discussion, which did not work at all. Who knows how many lives may have been saved if we stopped Adolf Hitler when he overran Poland?Now we are here facing another heinous threat to modern civilization ? call it ISIS, call...

Upcoming Calendar

...Saturday, Jan. 10; reading from his book, The Watch; brings together his knowledge of the occult and the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi time experiments with Die Glocke; characters woven together in a masterful tale of black magic, the dark...

Don't tar Christian armies

...Il Sung (1.6 million) as evidence of the enormity of non-Christian armies' killings.One also should include Adolf Hitler's 30 million victims. In Poland alone, he was responsible for the killings of 3 million each of Polish Jews and...

A call for vigilance

...up significant resistance. This is the reason that brutal dictators like Fidel Castro, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin tried to disarm the populace before imposing governmental control. Such domination could occur in America...

Thousands expected in Normandy for D-Day anniversary

...troops, "When you get to Normandy, you'll only have one friend ? God ... and this," lifting a rifle. For visitors today, 70 years after the invasion that helped liberate Europe from Adolf Hitler, that's happily no longer true.

3 open Ga. congressional races dominated by GOP

...Broun isn't seeking re-election. During his more than five years in office, Broun has compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler and denounced evolution and the Big Bang theory as "lies straight from the pit of hell." Such statements helped...

English football is best served grappling with 'quenelle' now

...that the gesture isn't a Nazi salute. Yet the straight arm makes it impossible not to be reminded of the homage to Adolf Hitler. That ambiguity is part of what makes this gesture, dubbed the "quenelle," so insidious and dangerous. The grey...

European sites, art tell tales of Monuments Men

...where that work ? along with 6,600 paintings, 140 sculptures and other pieces ? filled more than 100 tunnels. Adolf Hitler wanted to one day fill his planned museum in Linz, Austria, with the works that had been taken.A Parisian museumWhen...

1934: A look at how The Masters began

...big names in the spring of 1934.President Roosevelt was busy trying to prevent an auto strike. German Chancellor Adolf Hitler was working on a plan to increase Germany's population. Clark Gable attended the Academy Awards dinner, but Katherine...

Lady Antebellum win Vocal Group of the Year award at CMAs

...Paisley sang before Underwood warned him he might draw Williams' ire. Williams got into trouble for using an analogy to Adolf Hitler in discussing President Barack Obama.As they spoke, Williams quietly walked up behind the hosts to the roar from...