'Much Ado About Nothing' this summer in Central Park

...Park. The play, of course, is "Much Ado About Nothing" and the New York Shakespeare...of "Twelfth Night." Also in the "Much Ado About Nothing" cast are Sam Waterston as...also on the day of performance. "Much Ado About Nothing" runs through Aug. 8. Broadway...

City Ink: Much ado about GRU

...Roundtree's efforts to get his voters to the polls did work. He received 1,987 more votes in the runoff than in the primary. MUCH ADO ABOUT GRU: The week in Augusta began with a campus protest and ended with the resignation of an MCG Health Inc. board member...

Mayor challenges commission after SUV fight

...continuation of what you pay, as opposed to a reduction, is a good thing.How can they say it with a straight face? MUCH ADO ABOUT $625 PER BOARD MEETING: The Rich mond County legislative delegation's request for Au gusta commissioners to rescind...

Vatican newspaper reviews 'Da Vinci Code'

VATICAN CITY - "The Da Vinci Code" film was "much ado about nothing' and the fuss surrounding it was nothing more...its review, which was published under the headline: "Much ado about nothing." Its first few minutes are marked by "allegories...

Sees discriminatory enforcement

With much ado about the dress code in the Columbia County schools, I read in utter amazement the dress code put out by Lakeside High School...

What happens next?

As much ado is being made about the release at midnight tonight of the seventh and final installment in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter...

Life & style | Augusta State University
Muses about harlots, homosexuality

More ado about something: Re recent arguments used by some of the Timothy McVeigh trial potential jurors: They say that they are against...

Likes Halloween, doubts `faith healers'

Much ado about something: Halloween is over but the argument over how "wicked" it is still goes on. While many disagree, others, me...

Offers thoughts on religion, welfare

Much ado about something: - Tony S. Carr Sr. (letter, Feb. 19) brought out some good points about two "Abrahams" - the one in the...

Chides Clinton, Heaven's Gate cult

More ado about something: Well the rumors I didn't want to believe have become stark reality; Bill Clinton all but gave Red China the...