Best way to get rid of armadillos is to trap them

...armadillos on the road. They meet their demise because of their natural instinct to leap into the air when startled. This adaptation serves them well when they encounter a predator. This behavior can alarm the predator just long enough to give the armadillo...

Storyland Theatre back for 27th season on new stage

...tale police, one of whom is played by the playwright, to sort out all the details.While many of Storyland's plays are adaptations of familiar fairy tales, this piece is an original story.Davis, who has also written many plays for adult audiences in...

It's hit or miss with adaptations

...there have been the adaptations that have worked...ugly of cinematic adaptations: JOHN STEINBECK: The adaptation of his masterwork...Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the short story...STEPHEN KING: Most adaptations of the horror master's...

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THIS WEEK THE WORLD OF OWLS: Learn about owls in Georgia, their adaptations and their natural history; walk outside at night to listen for owls, then dissect owl pellets to learn about the food web; 7-8...

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Adaptation stays close to character

With 47 adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1914 literary classic Tarzan of the Apes already on celluloid, producers of Walt Disney Pictures' new...

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Filmmakers weave cinematic tales adapted from poems

As cinematic adaptations go, a novel seems an obvious choice. After all, most novels follow...Russian heritage. JABBERWOCKY (1977): Although not a literal adaptation of Lewis Carroll's absurdist poem, this certainly is similar...

Steven Uhles
'Diaries' has its strong parts, gushy moments

Having set the standard for contemporary chick-lit adaptations, The Devil Wears Prada is a tough act to follow. The clothes, the attitude, the scene-stealing, Oscar-nominated work from...

Eloise of The Plaza comes to life in ABC TV movie

...author Kay Thompson jealously guarded her creation against adaptations she thought might dilute it. But Hilary Knight - the artist...was born last year. Would Thompson have accepted the TV adaptation of her work? Knight, an in-demand artist who has illustrated...

PBS' 'Masterpiece Theatre' to add American dramas

...movies and miniseries based on American books, beginning in the fall of 1999. The "American Collection" will include adaptations of works by Willa Cather, Langston Hughes and Henry James, producers said at the Television Critics Association summer...

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Reel world is stage struck

...talking about Evita. While the big-budget, big-scale adaptation of the Madonna-adorned musical is the center of attention...Mamet's American Buffalo were the vanguard. Five other adaptations open soon or already are in limited release, including Arthur...

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