World War II Museum tour visits Battle of Bulge locations 70 years later

...vice president of program development and sales.He said the tour also included a trip to La Gleize, Belgium, the location of the statue of the Madonna that became a centerpiece of the book Monuments Men and its movie adaptation.

Adaptation doesn't justify evolution

...regards to Don Bozeman's letter to the editor ("Compare evolution and adaptation," Jan. 28), once again one uses adaptation to justify evolutionary beliefs. Adaptation within a species has nothing to do with "molecules- to-man" Darwinian...

Compare evolution and adaptation

...Dan Duncan's comparison of evolution vs. adaptation ("Is it evolution or just adaptation?" Jan. 20). Evolution is a process that...population spread over many generations. Adaptation is an evolutionary change such as those caused...

Night at the Movies

...his robot Baymax to leap into action in Disney Animation's adaptation of the Marvel Comics series. Exchange, Evans, Aiken, MonettaINTERSTELLAR...discovers the secrets that hold his society together in this adaptation of Lois Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning young-adult novel...

Rowlands is dancing her way through new role

...instructor, portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.Rowlands said she wasn't much of a dancer at the start of shooting the film adaptation of the stage play but learned enough to get by from Broad way veteran Jack son.Rowlands returned the favor, offering him...

Finding serenity in Georgia's Chattahoochee Hill Country

...specializes in immersive performances. In its fifth year, Serenbe Playhouse's most recent performance was an audacious adaptation of Washington Irving's classic tale Sleepy Hollow. In Clowdus' production, actors frequently interact with guests, through...

Tim Rice wants 'From Here to Eternity' new life

...hoping a filmed version of the West End production broadcast this month will generate some interest in America. The ambitious adaptation of James Jones' novel lasted only six months in London but has some great songs and characters."To be brutally frank...

Night at the Movies

...Aiken, MonettaTHE GIVER (PG-13): A young man discovers the secrets that hold his fragile society together in this adaptation of author Lois Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning young-adult novel. Exchange, Evans, AikenSource: fandango.com; imdb...

Crisis goes unanswered

...having to deal with 500 students with questionable custodial guardians, questionable immunization records, limited cultural adaptation and marginal English-language skills entering school systems without the awareness of the local authorities.Consider the...

Night at the Movies

...Evans, Aiken, MonettaTHE GIVER (PG-13): A young man discovers the secrets that hold his society together in this adaptation of Lois Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning young-adult novel. MastersGONE GIRL (R): A husband becomes the prime suspect...