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James Hinchcliffe continues road to recovery

...with a horrific last-lap crash nearly eight hours after the network began its broadcast.But the reviews for the actual product were resoundingly positive."I was just blown away by how well they covered the sport and it makes me get excited...
Promotional items pique interest, but at what cost?

...with folders containing color slides and multi-media presentations on CD-ROM. Sometimes they even send us the actual product. Sometimes these products get publicity, but usually they don't. Then what happens to all these promotional goodies...
TiVo uncharacteristically quiet at TV-dominated CES

...players. "It's always been my opinion that DVR is sort of a stepping-stone technology, more of a feature than an actual product," he said. "Really, the future is Internet delivered content - not recording it and watching it later."
Life & style
Adobe to acquire Macromedia for expanding its reach into mobile devices as well. Neither company, however, would speculate Monday on actual product plans. Under terms of the deal, approved by the companies' boards of directors, Macromedia stockholders will receive...
Watch out for Shysters.Com

...names and price quotes, you'll have to pay for them. Another good source of information -- and in some cases actual product -- are manufacturers' sites, particularly those of the bigger vendors, who in recent years have begun selling...
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Toyota first to show electric-gasoline hybrid car

...other countries, although it already meets California emission requirements. The aggressive push on the hybrid as an actual product reflects Toyota's determination to be first with the 21st-century car, despite the risks and costly investments...
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