Supreme Court rules against clerk in gay marriage case

...roared at each other. The Christians called on the activists to repent; the activists countered that their God loves all.It was a...I am a Child of God."The marriage equality activists chimed in after each refrain: "So are we."

Justice delayed

...we have seen the irreparable damage it has done to dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of good, well-meaning citizen activists who chose to mobilize, in a very American way, to improve if not rescue their country. They had every right.Rather than...

Looking up at the moral high ground

...the operative word.Black Lives Matter activists actually commandeered the lectern and...erudite rebuke of the Black Lives Matter activists in an opinion article in USA Today...Well, that and some tough love.Activists, Carson suggests, should turn their...

Standing up for life

...Americans who don't need to resort to disorderly conduct to get their points across.But if anything is capable of making activists out of the mild-mannered, it would be the macabre world of Planned Parenthood's industrial-scale abortion and fetal-organ...

GRU on probation after monkey death

...addressed safety and training issues. Based on Ovetchkin's death and other serious questions about veterinary care, animal activist Michael Budkie of the group Stop Ani mal Exploitation Now filed a complaint last week with the U.S. Department of Agri culture...

Three-year dispute with Augusta ambulance provider hits turning point

...without a contract and pushing out co-zone provider Augusta.Though the company later withdrew the request, Au gus ta activists including Sias and the Rev. Melvin Ivey soon started gathering signatures for a petition demanding a new EMS contract. In...

Hurricane Katrina's wrath and rebuilding marked on 10th anniversary

...residents ? particularly in the black community ? still struggle.In New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward, residents and community activists gathered Saturday at the levee where Katrina's storm waters broke through and submerged the neighborhood.After several...

Paine College | The Augusta Chronicle

...who recently left to ... Silas Norman Jr., a former Paine College Board of Trustees chairman whose work as a civil rights activist in the 1960s led to the desegregation of Augusta's city buses, died Friday from cancer. He ... Don't Miss Databases...

Racial identity of "Black Lives Matter" activist questioned

Questions about the racial identity of a well-known activist in the "Black Lives Matter" movement have stirred controversy and drawn a blistering response. But the central question remains...

Bad-faith organics: Former USDA inspector now embraces GMOs

...concerns of domestic farmers, urban activists who had never worked a day on a farm simply...quit pulverizing their soil.But the activists didn't care. They began abusing the...Washington, D.C., gave anti-GMO activists lax standards for their fledgling "organic...