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Children's show 'ZOOM' enhances multicultural flavor

...causes, including visiting the elderly and cleaning up neighborhood parks. Peggy Charren, founder of Action for Children's Television and a trustee of WGBH, which produces "ZOOM," says she hopes the emphasis on volunteering will encourage...
Bob tops Barney as most popular children's character

...It's so nauseatingly sweet, it turned me off right at the beginning," said Peggy Charren, founder of Action for Children's Television, which lobbied Congress for a 1990 law requiring local stations to serve children's educational needs...
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Anniversary sparks historical look at 'Sesame Street'

...Or as Peggy Charren, veteran agitator for quality chilren's television founder of the advocacy group Action for Children's Television, puts it: "People thought it was crazy (that) you could sell the alphabet to children instead of toys...
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Bob Keeshan, television's Captain Kangaroo, dead at 76

...through a child's ideal playground, it was actually smartly scripted, said Peggy Charren, founder of Action for Children's Television. "He never did anything that would disappoint you," Charren said. "He was a constant in lives that...
Pediatricians: children should watch less TV

...didn't watch. "It's preposterous to put children under 2 in front of the TV," said Peggy Charren of Action For Children's Television, a group that lobbies for quality programming for kids. "You should wait as long as possible, because...
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