2 teens charged with stealing Hondas

...Augusta teens have been accused in the thefts of 1990s Honda Accords.Christopher Marlow Bonner, 17, and an unidentified 16-year-old...office news release, the teens targeted 1995 and 1996 Honda Accords throughout the county. As of Thursday, all but one vehicle...

Making sense of the senseless

...Things Happen to Good People, nature may have to be neutral and ambivalent. Thus may we choose good and eschew evil of our own accord, as opposed to manipulating fate for our desired ends.Radio host Dennis Prager on Wednesday noted that, while the deceased...

Cease US aid to Israel

...billion in military aid annually to the repressive governments in Egypt is a result of our involvement in the 1979 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel.The only clear morality here is that we as a nation should end aid to all countries in the region...

Auto recalls

Honda AccordDETROIT - Honda is recalling 600,000 Accord midsize cars to fix a faulty power steering hose that can leak fluid and cause a fire.The recall affects Accords with V-6 engines from the 2003-07 model years.The National Highway...

Two arrested in GRU garage thefts

...people in the theft of two Honda Accords from a downtown parking deck...she had parked her blue Honda Accord in the parking deck at 1...the officer saw a black Honda Accord traveling the wrong direction...The report said the blue Accord stopped and two black men fled...

Make Milosevic a pariah

...enlist the duplicitous dictator's help with the Dayton peace accords, sanctions against his regime were lifted. No one thought...administration, which led the way in forging the so-called peace accords in Dayton, must make it clear that unless the recent election...

Dates of the Millennium: January 27

...Fla. 1967 -- more than 60 nations signed a treaty banning the orbiting of nuclear weapons. 1973 -- the Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris. 1977 -- the Vatican reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's ban on female priests. 1981 -- President...

Road map to peace?

...negotiating peace between Israelis and Palestinians. There have been too many false starts. Too many failures. Remember the Oslo Accords? Great hope followed by great disappointment. Yet there can never be progress toward peace unless an effort is made with...

Nuclear power or shortages?

...energy problems. However, if global warming is real and if we are forced to restrict the use of fossil fuels, as the Kyoto Accords would have us do, our only choice is nuclear power or chronic energy shortages, worldwide, over the long haul. Fred Davison...

Opinion columns
Toyota Camry, Ford F-series pickup remain best sellers

...second year in a row, with 429,575 cars sold. The Honda Accord was second again with 401,071, and the Ford Taurus was No...last year, when there were 12,000 more Camrys sold than Accords. For the 17th straight year, the Ford F-series pickup was...