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Saudi student in Texas arrested on terrorism charges

...contained the names and home addresses of three former U.S. military members who had been stationed for a time at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, according to the statement.
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TV Lookout: highlights for the week ahead

...Story," a portrait of the young woman seen broadly smiling in the infamous photographs of abused Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. An impoverished young woman from West Virginia who joined the Army Reserves to get an education, she ultimately...
Medic 1st to wear badge

...Sgt. David Allegretti said. "It says that we're human beings," said the soldier, who triaged patients at Abu Ghraib prison. "My lane was to take care of patients for whatever they needed care for. I didn't worry about why the individual...
Lynndie England got justice

...otherwise: that a 22-year-old woman who did nothing more than pose for photographs with naked Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison deserves to serve out her entire 20s behind bars. What she did was stupid, outrageous, criminal, embarrassing...
Fort's unit is awarded citation

...soldiers arrived to implement proper procedures at the Abu Ghraib prison and performed well, commanders said. Though it 1994. The soldiers of the battalion served at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq - and were not part of the scandal over prisoner...
New Yorker again dominates magazine awards

...again dominated the National Magazine Awards, clinching five prizes Wednesday including honors for reporting on the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal and atrocities in Sudan. Martha Stewart Weddings magazine also won an award for overall excellence...
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Soldier demoted for mud-wrestling party

...the vicinity," he said. "They had no possible way of seeing what occurred." A scandal involving the separate Abu Ghraib prison erupted last spring when photographs were made public showing soldiers taunting naked Iraqi prisoners. Waldrop said...
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Top TV anchors return to Iraq for election coverage

...The "World News Tonight" anchor has also gone to Mosul to talk to Iraqi election workers and was visiting the Abu Ghraib prison. ABC's reporting will also include the third installment of its "Where Things Stand" series. The network has...
Unabridged inanity

...shall we say, stretch the bounds of reasoned argument. But this - this is beyond the pale. The lawyer for accused Abu Ghraib prison abuse ringleader Specialist Charles Graner Jr., responding to a photo of his client near a pyramid of naked Iraqi...
U.S. election voted top news story of 2004

...hurricanes in one season. 4. ABU GHRAIB SCANDAL: Photographs came to light showing U.S. military guards at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad forcing naked Iraqi detainees to pose in humiliating positions. Prosecutions ensued, and the scandal...