Did he really say that? Historical figures get hijacked through misquotes

"The problem with Internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their accuracy."? Abraham Lincoln, 1864. See? Like that one.Modern communication has made it easier than ever to put words in the mouths of famous dead folks...

Museum brings all sides of Abraham Lincoln to life

...SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - In most museums, Abraham Lincoln is discussed in hushed voices...give him a saintly air. The new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum...studies and keeping the figure of Abraham Lincoln right out in front of American...

Abraham Lincoln not half the statesman Calhoun was

...statesman John C. Calhoun was. Abraham Lincoln was not only a tyrant and war...Lincoln. Here are two quotes that Abraham Lincoln made: "Free them, and make...remove all monuments dedicated to Abraham Lincoln and look at this person as someone...

Abraham Lincoln, not Dixie, caused Civil War

...what most people think, it wasn't Southern secession that caused the start of the war in 1861. It was President Abraham Lincoln's idea of an indelible union that set the wheels of war turning. The new Southern nation had no intentions of a...

Abraham Lincoln defended as a truly great American

...gentleman, so eloquently quoting the words of President Abraham Lincoln, for the world to read anew. I thank him for that...Lincoln's peer, rated him as "the best of us." What Abraham Lincoln did not do was cheat on his wife, drink, smoke...

Abraham Lincoln - `I never felt more certain'

...WASHINGTON - The president's hand, sore and aching after a four-hour New Year's Day reception, was shaking. Abraham Lincoln struggled to control it, then signed his name, confidently and carefully. "I never, in my life, felt more certain...

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Lincoln's birthplace challenged

...true, the history books about Abraham Lincoln would have to be corrected...Kentucky Historical Society. "Abraham Lincoln's grandfather, who was also named Abraham Lincoln, was in Kentucky in the 1780s...

Book puts forth controversial theories

Abraham Lincoln was a scoundrel. His vice president...said John Griffin, the author of Abraham Lincoln's Execution. These are a few of...suicide in Enid, Okla., in 1903. "Abraham Lincoln's assassination or execution has...

Races unite for civil rights

...civil rights workers gave their lives trying to help in the struggle. We are blessed to have had such presidents as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson to bravely seek our freedoms, and to having had Harriet Tubman, the Rev...

Hereditary disease may have caused Lincoln's 'clumsy gait'

MINNEAPOLIS - Abraham Lincoln's appearance and historical documents...Kim Bauer, Lincoln curator at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum...ataxia sufferers and descendants of Abraham Lincoln's uncle Josiah Lincoln - said...

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